US News US President Joe Biden spoke to Liz Truss on the phone, congratulating her on becoming Prime Minister

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US President Joe Biden

America News- Who is President Joe Biden and Liz Truss on the phone to congratulate the new PM of the United States of America? The White House gave this information. Leaders from the White House have established a special relationship between the two countries. According to the description, “Nem’s leaders assert the authenticity of the special evidence between our countries and their desire to deepen their relationship.” Negotiating, supporting technology, finding alternative solutions offered by China, securing and permanently securing Iran’s armed forces, and ensuring adequate nuclear power.


Visits were made between the leaders of both

The White House said, “Your sharing of facilities to facilitate the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and the dialogue with the European Union on the Northern Ireland Protocol is an important discussion to reach across the Bani network.”

Lease Truss Britain’s evening is chosen

Lease Truss (Lease Truss) UK PM chosen. Liz Truss of the Conservative Party and Rishi Shankar were in a close fight in the race for the post of Brand PM. Lees Co. United’s most powerful post on Monday, September 5, after Coaling on Friday. Liz Truss, whose full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss, was born in 1975 in Oxford, England.

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