USA Woman Breaks Record For Collecting World’s Largest Pizza-Related Items

There are many dishes that people around the world love to have. But nothing comes close to the love of pizza. Buttery, cheesy, and sometimes topped with lots of herbs, the cake is cake in every bite. While you may have cake in your style, some people may take this love a little further. One such example of taking the love of pizza one step further comes from a woman in New Jersey, USA. According to the information given by Guinness World Record, Telina Cuppari broke the record for collecting pizza related items. She posted a video of herself showing off her furniture in her house.

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At the beginning of the video, you can see a woman wearing an Etruscan figure wearing a dress with accessories that are also in the shape of a pizza. In addition, it continues to display pizza boxes, stuffed pizza boxes and covers, pizza-related books, pizza posters, graphic t-shirts, shirts, socks, and more. He laid out everything and counted it one by one. Watch the full video here-


According to the Guinness World Record, “her first Neapolitan dress was red, and the favorite from within the collection is a Neapolitan-themed “day of the night”. They also add, “She hopes to open an Italian museum in her house with all the items that will be seen by all.” Friends hers even call her “Pizza Girl.” Plus, she’s such a fan of pizza that she had a pizza-themed maternity photo shoot and even decorated her living room with pizza ornaments!

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Previously, this record was held by Brian Dwyer in Philadelphia in 2011 with an official world record of 561 pieces; however, Telina Cuppari recently broke this record with her 669 item collection.

What do you think of that huge collection? Do you have any food related items? Let us know in the comments below!

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