Vindu Dara Singh’s reaction on Sonali Phogat’s alleged murder- ‘I hope the truth comes out…’

bigg boss hunger Sonali Phogat He died on August 23 at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Anjuna, North Goa. The post-mortem report revealed violent physical injuries, following which the Goa Police registered a case of murder. Now Vindu Dara Singh has said that this news is very ‘disturbing’ and he is hopeful that ‘justice will prevail’. Read also; Sonali Phogat is unrecognizable in rare photographs these days from her sculpture

PA Sudhir Sangwan Sonali and his associate Sukhwinder Singh were arrested by the police after they accessed CCTV footage in which the trio was seen playing at a club. “The video established that one of them was the victim for consuming the substance,” Inspector General of Police Omvir Singh Bishnoi said in a statement. On Saturday, police said the owner of Curlies Beach Shack in Anjuna was arrested and a suspected drug pusher, making a total of four arrests.

Vindu Dara Singh The Times said, “Like his death was a shock, and listen now that a natural death is not a huge shock. It’s very disturbing. There must be a reason why his family thought someone did it. They tried to kill him. We don’t know a lot about the lives of the others. But whatever is true , I hope that will come out. Everyone wants to know the truth, because now there are various speculations about it. I will go

He said- “I’m sure the police will investigate this thoroughly and get to the bottom of it. I hope there will be justice so that people will know what it really is…