Watch- Grandma Spoils Adorable Dog By Feeding Off The Dining Table

If you have a dog at home, you know how difficult it is to get food to eat. Every time you want to grab yourself from the kitchen, your dog will follow you around with puppy eyes in the hope that you will share food. If you open a package of football or cookies, your Dog I’m running from a different room just to see what you’re eating! Some of us on this site give a cave and taste our pet, others follow a strict form and do not want to share food with dogs to encourage good behavior. These are the two decisions of the school, to share food with dogs or to refuse food dogshedge in the quarrel of each other. We found a cute video that depicts this conundrum in the most adorable way. I’m sure we’ll be back when I see you! To watch-


In the video, we meet Lady – a female white golden retriever – who is strictly instructed not to eat food from the dining room table, and only eat dog food, not human food. The parents of their pet want to train her not to ask for food, even when they eat food themselves. But this rule is all the time the lady’s grandmother is in town. Like a real grandmother, she spoils her dog by feeding him human food straight from the table.

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This adorable video has won the hearts of dog lovers on the internet! Posted on Instagram by Mary’s profile @ladyandtheblues, the video has over 765k views, 45k likes and 453 views. Here is how he brought people to the video;

“Madame- I taught my grandmother well”

“Grandma is always indulgent”

“I’m not saying the top boss doesn’t feed the master of the house”

“Don’t count the rules for birds”

“Well ok this grandma is the exception to the rule. But just this one”

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