Watch- UK Man Breaks World Record By Growing The Longest Cucumber

Guinness World Record (GWR) is known for capturing some of the most amazing moments in food history! From making chefs the largest mass of chicken In the world there is a transgression of woman They would remember eating the most number of jam doughnuts in 3 minutes – how absurd these records prove to be true! Food is no longer just a means of sustenance and survival! It also becomes an expression of creativity, emotion and passion. Recently, another world has been placed in the field of food and this time it is something quite unique and ambitious! A farmer in Britain managed to grow the longest melon in the world. Don’t you believe us? See for yourself-

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The man to be credited with managing this event is Sebastian Suski, an amateur gardener living in Southampton, UK. The tallest specimen of the Cucumber is a Cucumber sativa and was growing in a polytunnel on his lot. While the heat wave in the UK has had a harsh impact on advanced supplies, Sebastian has managed to nurture his crops and produce the longest melons, measuring 113.4 centimeters long. Sebastiani Suski’s cucumber broke the world record by 6.2 centimeters.

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This is not the only vegetable that broke the world record! The last year to Vegetable laughter, a series of herbs made famous for their exceptional size. Eggplant weighing 3.12 kilograms broke the record for the heaviest eggplant. Not all, the 136-centimeter leek took the title of the longest leek. Leek was considered to be “almost tall enough to ride on the rollers”.

What do you think of this cucumber slice? Have you ever wanted to grow giant sized fruits and vegetables? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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