Weekend Binge- Athiya Shetty Gorges On This Popular Street Food From Mumbai

Let’s be honest, it’s the next step away from Athiya Shetty’s food diaries. No, we are not complaining! We just love the way the actress makes it a point to update her Insta-fam with her culinary adventures. So what’s new on his plate? Athiya shared her indulgence on Instagram Stories and it made us hungry. He cast a scrumptious image vada pav, a popular street food item from Mumbai. We couldn’t resist the idea of ​​vada al-frixa (made with a spicy mixture and pounded gram flour) among the fresh pav ladies. We could also spot the lip smacking garlic chilli chutney amongst the pav. It was a dish with fried green chillies as seen on his plate. already slurping?

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Have you already started craving vada pav? If yes, then you can find some wonderful vada pav recipes listed below. Check out five delicious vada pav recipes-

1)Ultah vada pav

Why not give your ordinary vada pav an interesting twist? No, which can turn inside out. Ulta vada pav recipe is delicious where one has to use potato vada to have a bun in the middle. For some help while I’m learning, you can refer to this recipe.

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2) Chilli cheese vada pav

Cheese lovers really don’t mind adding cheese to any vada pav dish. This indulgent recipe gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fiery vada pav club with some nice cheese on top. Chilli cheese vada pav will surely tantalize your tastebuds.

3) Chicken vada pav

This is an epic dish for all those who like chicken and also want to enjoy the same through this street food. Chicken vada pav brings the taste of tasty chicken vada sandwiched between soft pav with tasty chutneys.

4) The smallest vada pav

This is a classic recipe to try when you are hungry. Sometimes you want food that is delicious and not too heavy to digest. During these times, these little vada pav will drink. This recipe is perfect for teatime snacking.

5) Vada pav ka pakora

If you are bored with the regular vada pav recipe and want to try something new, this recipe might be right for you. We promise you a burst of flavors with this recipe. Vada pav ka pakoda to be paired with ketchup or chutney of your choice.

So now tell us what makes you tick.

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