What Happened To Lori McClintock? US Rep Tom McClintock Wife Lost Her Life Ingesting The Mulberry Leaf

The wife of American politician Tom McClintock died after taking herbal medicine. The 66-year-old US congressman from the 4th congressional district of the United States is still suffering badly.

She is co-owner of a home in the Sacramento area. While his wife was unconscious at their home, he was in Washington for an election. He was the first to see that she was on the ground. But by the time he got home, she was already gone.

Laurie McClintock

Laurie McClintock

What happened to Laurie McClintock?

Since Lori McClintock, wife of California Congressman Tom McClintock, died last year, people have been increasingly curious to know what really happened. Their two children, Shanna McClintock and Justin McClintock, were born after their 1987 wedding.

On December 15, 2021, his 61-year-old partner was discovered unconscious at their home in Elk Grove. He had left Washington the night before after casting his vote in Congress. After help arrived, her body was taken for further examination.

Her death was determined to be an accident, according to the Sacramento County coroner. The original date of the death certificate is December 20, 2021. However, the cause of death was not clear because it was written on a pending.

But eight months after her death, an autopsy report was released. According to Kaiser Health News, she also received a real death certificate in July of this year. The group may also get an autopsy report on Lowry’s body.

She also had an infection in her stomach and intestines, and was also identified. The report was from March 10, but was not made public.

Laurie McClintock, wife of Tom McClintock, dies of eating mulberry leaves

Laurie McClintock, wife of Representative Tom, died after taking a dietary supplement containing white mulberry leaf. She didn’t know if she had eaten fresh or dried leaves when she found the leaves in her stomach. It was also unknown whether she mixed it with tea.

A death occurred due to a plant that was widely seen as safe and used as an herbal remedy for a number of ailments, including diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol.

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The wife of a congressman from Northern California died of dehydration caused by gastroenteritis, a side effect of eating mulberry leaves. She may also have underestimated the amount because it was deemed safe, which could have an effect on her body.

Laurie McClintock was found dead in her home last December

Laurie McClintock was found dead in her home last December

Is Laurie McClintock suffering from any disease?

The public figure that Laurie McClintock used to be with her husband was not present with her. However, there were no reports in the media about her illness. Additionally, her husband might not have run for office in Washington had she been ill at the time of her death.

The herbal medicines she was taking were intended to treat obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. However, based on media portrayals of her, she does not appear to be overweight. She probably was taking raspberry leaf as a typical organic supplement.

She looked like she was in perfect physical shape when she presented herself to the media, and the couple who accompanied her were picture perfect. Additionally, after the full autopsy report was published, the cause of her death – which had been pending in the first place – was changed to an accident.

How did Lori McClintock? What is the cause of death Laurie McClintock? age 61

The death occurred at the age of 61 in Lori McClintock, wife of Congressman Tom McClintock.

Laurie McClintock, who was 61 when she died in California after ingesting weed leaves, was the wife of Tom McClintock, a representative of the United States Congress. Consume white mulberry leaves, which are used for a variety of health purposes including lowering cholesterol and diabetes levels and controlling the growth of cancerous blood cells.

It is not clear how the leaves were absorbed; It may have been taken through a drink or powder, or you may have swallowed a tablet. However, because of this occurrence, the safety of nutritional supplements, which are consumed by millions of people worldwide, is now called into question.

Life History of Laurie McClintock:

Laurie McClintock was the wife of Tom McClintock, who was a congressman. They were the parents of two children. She was working in the church in addition to gaining knowledge about the real estate market.

Her husband noted upon her death that she prioritized her health, always had a positive outlook, and brought joy to those around her. Tom had just finished casting his vote in Washington, D.C. when he went to his California home, where he found out that his wife was unconscious.

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Cause of death of Laurie McClintock:

Ingestion of mulberry leaves is considered a possible cause of death, despite the fact that the true cause of death has not yet been determined. Used to treat a variety of ailments, this leaf is beneficial to one’s health, and is also known to cause stomach upset and vomiting.

It was discovered that Laurie had this paper in her stomach before her death. It turns out that he died as a result of gastroenteritis, a condition that leads to dehydration in the body. According to the report, despite the fact that she was in good health, before her death she was complaining of stomach problems.

The safety of manufactured goods in the multibillion-dollar supplement industry has been called into question by Lowry’s death. CEO and President of Natural Products, Daniel Fabricant, stated that a large number of people die every day as a result of dehydration, and that speculation that the cause of death is due to leaves is not scientific. He also mentioned that death can occur for various reasons. Therefore, a thorough investigation into the true cause of death should be carried out.

Laurie McClintock Family – Career

Aside from this occurrence, there is not one other hint that might be related to Laurie’s alleged death. We do not know the details of what happened to her. Regardless, the word death is making its way across the web. According to the available information, Laurie McClintock is somewhere in her fifties. She did not disclose her date of birth or place of origin to the general public. The date of birth of her authority is unknown. The theory comes from the fact that her wedding date is known. Lowry is not officially included in Wikipedia yet. Regardless of this fact, her VIP page has a mention of her. The vast majority of information about her, including her educational abilities, professional background, and parents, is unknown.

But we are aware that she is a Baptist, as is her husband, whom she married in 1987. Her better half is also a Baptist. Since there isn’t a single bit of information about their breakup or anything of the sort available on the internet, it appears that the couple is still together. In addition, several children have been named Justin and Shannah McClintock. McClintock is their nickname. Although there is no information about her on the Internet, her partner is a well-known personality. Since approximately 2009, he has served as the United States Attorney for the Fourth Legislative District of California. He currently holds this position. In addition to being a member of the Republican Party, he has served as a congressman for California starting around 2008.

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Was Laurie McClintock sick in any way?

When compared to her husband, Laurie McClintock is not as visible in public as she was. However, there was no mention of her illness in any of the news reports I read. Additionally, if she was ill at the time of her death, it is possible that her husband would not have traveled to Washington to run for office.

She was trying to manage her obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol with the herbal treatment she was now undergoing. However, based on the photos I’ve seen of her in the media, she doesn’t appear to be overweight. It’s possible that she was only using raspberry leaves as a natural food supplement.

She used to make a very toned and healthy look when she spoke to the media, and when she walked hand in hand with her husband, the two seemed to come off a fashion post. After the results of the full autopsy were announced, the cause of her death, which was not initially determined, was determined to be an accident.

Was Laurie McClintock sick in any way?

After taking a supplement containing white mulberry leaf, Laurie McClintock, who was married to Representative Tom, died. The appendix was responsible for her death. They discovered leaves in her stomach, but she was unable to tell them whether the leaves were fresh or dry. In addition, it was not clear whether she had put them in the tea or not.

A plant believed by the majority of people to be harmless and was used as a herbal remedy for diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol, causing one individual death at the end of the previous year.

Mulberry leaves eaten by the wife of a congressman from Northern California made her sick with gastroenteritis, which caused her to lose an excessive amount of water. In addition, despite the fact that it was believed to be safe, it is possible that she miscalculated the dosage, which could cause a negative reaction in her body.