What’s up with Gabbie Hanna on TikTok? Explained. – Aumag The Talks Today

What’s up with Gabbie Hanna on TikTok? Explained. – Aumag


Gabbie Hanna is one of the OG internet celebrities.

After success on the short video platform Vine, Hanna started a YouTube channel called The Gabbie Show, where she posted comedic videos and collaborated with other YouTubers.

While her YouTube channel is largely dormant these days, her TikTok isn’t — her account, where she’s dubbed “Trauma Queen,” has 7.6 million followers, and she pretty much shares everything with them.

she chats She sings. She dances. And she posts daily.

But this week, the 31-year-old sparked serious concern after uploading hundreds of videos in a 24-hour period.

They depict her in various states of laughing, screaming, and hysteria, and speak on a variety of subjects including religion, death, and race.

Several of the videos show an illegible message written in lipstick on her bathroom mirror.

“I teleported myself into the sky in a fit of rage, [and] Come back to save your souls. And I’m not giving up if you believe me because you’re safe babies,” she said in a video.

Hanna has previously said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

@gabbiehanna♬ Original sound – Trauma Queen

While she’s the only one speaking to the camera in most of the videos, the creator did one in which she claims someone broke into her Los Angeles home.

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“Someone just broke into my house, please pray for me just in case,” said the 31-year-old.

The video came hours after Hanna posted various clips of a stranger at her home, whom she called “Nick.” He told her he was lost and “asked to go to the bathroom.”