When is International Literacy Day, know India and what is the state of literacy in China?

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International Illiteracy Day


  • The first 80 percent of people in China are completely illiterate
  • India jumped 10 people by the end of the decade due to literacy
  • Literacy rate in China reaches a high level of 95.2K

International Illiteracy Day- Do you know when and why international audit day seems to be…? If not, we will let you know. The International Auditing Day was held on 08 September every year throughout the world. The day was established on 17 November 1965 by the 14th General Assembly of UNESCO. The purpose of its establishment is to provide guidelines for countries around the world and relevant international organizations to focus on the status of patterns, to provide policies for the sovereignty of primary education and to improve the level of primary education. A school-age child may be able to attend school and read and write letters.


80 percent of the first literate people in China

This party has been developed to leapfrog China’s education. According to figures from the Chinese Ministry of Education, China’s current level of outreach is catching up to the world’s middle and upper levels. There are more than 80 percent illiterates across the country. By 2020, China’s non-employment education integration rate has reached 95.2 percent. For more than 70 years, China’s science, technology and education capabilities have developed. The level of educational outreach is gradually improving. Creativity in science and technology is getting stronger. The team of qualified people is getting stronger day by day. You are strengthening the economic and social development of all countries.

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So the revolutionary changes happened in China
Emphasis is placed on continuing education in China. Preschool education is developing rapidly. The number of public balwadis and private balwadis of individuals providing services like public balwadis is increasing rapidly. Compulsory education is at an appropriate level. China’s largely weak compulsory education has been reformed, narrowing the gap between compulsory education between the urban and rural core, and providing ineffective and substandard education even for rural children. So China’s education is now the biggest milestone with your country’s ranking reaching above 95 percent.

Adjust behind their available and post-opening China has invested heavily in education. An increase of 17.1 percent. Satisfied education for education from the Chinese people can be maintained, strengthen its initiative and improve the quality of education. Education is improved in different standards and different types of education after the progress and revision of education.

This level of education in India
In the year 2022, the literacy rate of India is 77.7 percent as per the report of National Survey of India. Overall, literacy rates have increased by around 10 percent over the past decade, but India still lags far behind China in terms of education. According to the current figures, India is 17.5 percent behind China. China’s current education rate has reached 95.2. Now China is close to achieving 100 percent literacy. Earlier in China, 80% of the people were in the middle of nowhere.

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