When Markand Soni of Brahmastra gave health advice to Shahrukh Khan

Actor Markand Soni is back to Hindi films after a gap of almost 12 years. brahamastraThe 25-year-old started a three-year career and was part of several commercial and popular shows. Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez HainWhere he shared the screen with Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan.

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Working with Khan has always been filled with his memories, something he can never forget. Soni, who is barely eleven years old, remembers giving Kano health advice. “Once I saw a scene smoking. And I went to him and I said- Sir, are you smoking? It’s not good”, he recalls saying, “I was gullible. I was a child and innocent. Today I will not dare to tell anyone this. Later I went to him innocently and I was like Sir you must do this. Sir, you know how cancer occurs.

While what Soni did was purely puberty, Khan’s move was something that won his heart. “Ideally someone else will finish what they started and end up smoking.

His reaction is the cutest thing anyone can do. He looked, and gave the assistant a stick, and said, “Okay, no smoking from now on.” Every time he saw me approaching him, and with a cigarette in his hand, he would hide it behind me, or hand it to someone before I saw it. This is the cutest thing anyone has done. I remember he noticed me and then I was like sir jhat bol rahe hai. but…

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