When will the sixth episode of Season 1 of Generation Gap air? Release date, special guest, and further information for the ABC programme

Episode 6 of Generation Gap airs on ABC on August 18 at 9 p.m. ET. Zach King, a “digital designer,” will be introduced to players in an upcoming episode by game show host and producer Kelly Ripa.


The two generations will interact once again in the upcoming episode to answer questions about the other generation in a bid to win cash and prizes at the end of the reality game show.

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All About Generation Gap Season 1 Episode 6

You’re Not That Old is the title of the most recent Generation Gap episode airing on Thursday. According to the synopsis of the show:

With special guest Zach King joining host Kelly Ripa, it’s “a great time.”
Although illusionist and YouTuber Zach King is well-known to fans thanks to his well-known art videos, Kelly won’t lend his identity to contestants. He will be recognized by the contestants through a series of questions about his professional background.

Along with Harold and Ty, players Alan and Sydney will participate in the game show. Players must answer pop culture questions from the opposite generation.

New entrants include TV and film, the game of the same name, Pop Quiz, Time Capsule, Pop Culture and Who Am I? Choose from a variety of categories including Winners will also get a chance to win a bonus reward at the end of the game show.

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Who is Zach King as a guest on Generation Gap?

Zach King is one of the top 25 most followed users on TikTok. He is an American online personality, filmmaker and illusionist based in Los Angeles.

He is best known for his “magic flags,” six-second videos that he digitally edits to give the impression that he is performing magic. His videos have been described as a “digital slate of hands”. In 2008, Zach started his YouTube career. In 2013, he started uploading his movies to Vine.

Zack was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, half Chinese, half Austrian, and half Nicaraguan.

The Zac King Store, his official online store, began his magical journey after he received his first video camera from his parents at the age of seven.

Jack then started making movies for his family. But when Zack was a freshman in college, everything changed. One of his most ambitious videos, “Jedi Kittens,” was viewed by more than a million people within 24 hours.

Thanks to this sudden viral success, Zach realized an opportunity to reach a larger audience with his original stories. Zach began uploading his magic videos to Vine while producing content for his YouTube account. He quickly amassed over 4 million followers and earned the name “Digital Wizard”.

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Zach and his team “create magical videos and share new stories with the world” in front of their online audience of over 25 million viewers.

Zach participated in the 28th season of the American reality game show The Amazing Race in 2016. He won two competitions: the Hewlett-Packard Business Competition and the YouTube NextUp Creators Competition.

He appeared on the show with his wife, Rachel Holm, whom he married in 2014. The pair played well, although they were eliminated in the ninth leg of the race. Instead, they finished sixth overall.

On Thursday, tune in to ABC for Zach and Kelly’s amazing Generation Gap episode.