Where is Peter Heron Darlington now? Wife Ann Heron Story and the conviction of Michael Benson

Peter Heron is the husband of Ann Heron. He is from Darlington and his name is Peter.

Ann Heron, his wife, was brutally murdered by a stranger 30 years ago. Peter Heron, Anne’s husband, has one last wish before he dies: to find out who really killed Anne. ITV says Peter and his family are keeping their fingers crossed that the documentary will help them find out what happened 32 years ago.

Ann Heron has been dead for more than a quarter of a century. Ann was killed by people she didn’t know who they were while she was sunbathing in her backyard. No one can figure out what happened in this case for the past 32 years.

    Ann Heron
Ann Heron

What happened to Peter Heron Darlington?

Peter Heron is the husband of Ann Heron. He is from Darlington and his name is Peter.

A story in The Sun newspaper says that disturbing letters from a murder mystery dating back 30 years could prove that Peter did not kill his wife. Peter, who was 87 years old at the time, had only one wish for his life: to clear his name from the rumors that he was a murderer.

For the past 30 years, rumors that he killed his wife Ann have followed him like a shadow. next. Peter told The Northern Echo that the police came to his house. They say he did bad things that ruined his life.

Peter, who is now 87 years old, has been angry since he was accused of killing Ann in November 2005. Even after he got over the death of his second wife, he still has many problems. Because the police kept getting in his way, his personal life turned upside down. The police looked at his financial history and found that everything happened more than 10 years ago.

Michael Benson was found guilty of murdering his wife Ann Heron

In 1990, Ann Heron’s body was found in her home on the outskirts of Darlington.

Her killer has never been identified. On May 3, 2022, Channel 5 aired a documentary about the 30-year-old murder case. Debbie, Ann’s adopted daughter, said she hopes this will answer some questions that have never been answered before.

Ann’s family has high hopes that the documentary will reveal something new about what happened. Michael Benson, who could be part of the crime, is mentioned in the documentary. He is a villain who breaks into people’s homes and steals things while holding a knife and driving a blue car. He died in 2008, which is very sad.

Wikipedia and timeline of the case for Peter Heron

When Peter Heron first met Ann, he was already married and had three children.

However, he began a relationship with Ann. In 1986, he got a divorce from his wife and married Ann. These two things happened in the same year. When the two were together, they lived in Aeolian House, which was on the edge of Darlington in County Durham. Peter Heron is in charge of a delivery company down the street from the house.

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Ann Heron worked part-time as a nursing assistant at a nearby nursing home. She did this job. Ann did not like living in Darlington, where she was at the time. She often thinks about going to Scotland to see her children from her first marriage, who still live there.

More than 30 years have passed since Ann was killed. At first, Peter was put in jail because he was suspected of killing Ann. On the other hand, Jen, the detective, has a strong feeling that Benson is the real killer in this case. The initial investigation into the blue car that was found speeding away from the scene of the accident yielded no useful clues.

Jen Jarvie, a homicide detective, talked to Peter about some of the things she found while he was talking. Peter is talking about how that terrible act tore his family apart. Ann, a loving mother of three, is found dead in her remote village. She was lying in a pool of blood.

The police are looking for Peter because they think he may have killed someone. But Hen, the investigator, said she found strong evidence that an escaped convict named Michael Benson may have done it.

Jen, a professor at a university, won the Zena Scott Archer Investigator of the Year Award because she did so well in the investigation. She thinks Benson’s blue Ford drove away from the Aleolian house the day Ann died.

Ann Heron
Ann Heron


Mary Ann O’Neill was born Ann Heron on March 24, 1946, in Glasgow, Scotland. Ralph Cockburn was her first husband. When she started dating Peter Heron in the 1980s, she moved to England. Peter Heron was married with three children when he met Ann, but he started having an affair with her. In 1986, he divorced his wife and married Ann. The couple lived together in Aeolian Village on the outskirts of Darlington, County Durham. Peter Heron is the CEO of a trucking company just down the street from his house. Ann Heron helped out at the nursing home part-time as a nursing assistant. Ann does not like living in Darlington, and she often thinks about her children from her first marriage, who still live in Scotland.

The free-standing Aeolian house was called a “prominent” building because it was easy to spot from the main road running ahead.

It is the busy A67, which is the main route from Teesside Airport to Darlington. Ann was told that she was afraid of being alone at home and was tired of being there alone.

On August 3, 1990, Heron and a friend went shopping in Darlington in the morning and returned at noon. Her husband always and in the day came home for lunch. Ann said she was going to sunbathe in her bikini in the garden all afternoon. It was the hottest day of the year that day in 1990, in the midst of a heat wave. Peter left at 2:00 to go back to work.

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At 2:30 p.m., Ann was talking to a friend on the phone, she sounded happy and alert. At 3:30 p.m., a friend who was riding the bus saw Ann sunbathing in front of her house in her bikini. She had to move to the front of the house, closer to the road, to get sunlight because of the tractors nearby. Blow the grass into the backyard. This was the last time Ann was seen alive.

When Peter Heron came home from work at 6:00, she was still reading her book and smoking. Her radio was still on. The front door was open, and the family dog ​​was outside. Heron’s body was found in the living room of the house. Heron was bleeding on the floor and had been stabbed in the neck. The fact that her bikini was removed suggests that she may have been killed for a reason. Sexually. It is something like a Stanley knife or a razor blade that is used. The murder weapon was not at the scene and has not yet been found.


Several blue cars were seen pulling up to Heron’s house, parking there, and then speeding past her as she was killed. Investigators said in a Crimewatch appeal about her murder in October 1990 that it could have been a blue Astra like the one above.

When the police first looked at the crime scene, they noticed that there were no signs of Fight inside or outside the house. This suggests that she may know her killer. This is supported by the fact that the family dog, which is outside when Pe When he returned home, he didn’t hear any barking at intruders or strangers.

At around 16:45, someone came forward and reported seeing a blue car, possibly a Vauxhall Astra, parked in front of the house.

After this, witnesses said they saw a blue Leyland Sherpa van parked at the end of the driveway. There were three people beside the van, and three men were seen inside. [5] At around 17:05, the taxi driver and two women in another car were driving towards the house and saw a blue car coming at speed and hitting the van from the house. The car was going so fast that the taxi driver didn’t know to stop and pulled out in front of him. The car pulled up behind him, but it sped past him. It then ran over a nearby roundabout and down Yarm Road into Darlington. [5] Investigators believe it’s the same car because several other people said they saw the car. Park at home and drive fast. Many witnesses said that the driver was a male between 35 and 45 years old, with dark skin and hair. Short, black. In October 1990, when Heron’s murder was recreated on Crimewatch, the sighting of several blue cars was called “the most interesting fact.” It is said that the car could be an Astra, but it could also be a Mazda, Toyota, or Vauxhall Cavalier. The police found the owner of 3,500 blue cars, but the car has not been found or identified. Although many witnesses said that they had seen the driver, but never Take a picture of that man. Durham Constabulary said later: “Descriptions of both vehicles and the person driving the vehicle were different and lacked the details necessary for the photograph.”

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Police found no evidence of robbery or sexual assault. Around 17:00, the police thought Heron was killed. At 18:00, Peter Heron found her body.

At 16:15 that day, witnesses thought they saw Heron driving near her house with two people they did not know. However, they are not sure that it is Heron. But apparently the witness was wrong, as Ann’s body was found in the same bikini she was wearing when she was seen at 3:30, meaning she had been sunbathing all afternoon.

A week after the murder, it was discovered that Peter, who was 55 years old at the time, was having an affair with a 32-year-old bartender at a local spa club. This led some to think that he might have had a reason to kill Ann. Most homicide victims know who killed them, according to statistics. In 1988, 62% of people killed in England and Wales were killed by someone they knew, and 37% of women killed in England killed their husbands, boyfriends, or lovers. Only 13% of women killed in England and Wales in 1988 were killed by strangers. Most of the women who were killed at this time were killed by people they knew. Peter Heron fits the two most important criteria for a murder suspect: he was married to Ann and he found her body. Peter said he left the meeting at Cleveland Bridge at 4pm and drove through Croft-on-Tees and Middleton St. George on his way back to his office. Detectives questioned this route because going through Croft was not the most direct or logical way to come from Cleveland Bridge (which is only 400 meters from Aeolian House). The police felt that Peter had been missing for some time between 4pm and 5.50pm (the time the murder took place) (the time the murder took place).

Although there was a press conference and the construction of Crimewatch UK, the case went cold by 1991. In December 1992, a woman told the police that a man came into the card shop where she worked in Darlington and bragged about killing Heron. In October 1994, Peter Heron, the police, and the press all received letters from people who said they were the killers. A letter to the Northern Echo begins “”Hello, editor! I’m the one who killed Ann Heron!” The letter concluded, “Your readers will have much to talk about. The killer’s signature.” Forensic tests were conducted on the letters to try to find out who wrote them, and handwriting samples were compared to the writings of those suspected in the case.

Peter Heron married again in 1992, two years after the murder. When the reporter asked him why he remarried so quickly, he spoke out to defend himself. Two employees in uniform chose to go to the wedding.