Where Is She Now? Roberta William’s Daughter

Dakota Williams- Where is she now? Roberta is William’s daughter


Carl Williams’ wife Roberta Williams was a famous gangster. He got a term for extorting money from a reality TV producer.

On August 26, 2022, the notorious gangster’s widow appeared in the Victoria County Court. She receives a two-year community-based order as punishment. He was charged by the court with extortion and recklessly wounding a victim in Collingwood three years ago.

The alleged victim, Ryan Naumenko, was seduced by Roberta’s schemes. He suffered physical abuse and threats for almost three hours.

People on the Internet are curious about the family history of Carl Williams’ wife, especially the identities of his children. Below is a list of known ones.

Dakota Williams
Dakota Williams

Meet Dakota Williams, daughter of Roberta Williams

Dakota Williams enjoys a lavish lifestyle in her Melbourne home. He recently accompanied his mother to the Victoria County Court.

Williams turned 21 on March 10 and recently celebrated her birthday. The Gangland heir surprised his followers on social media with pictures of his lavish birthday party. Her party featured a specially designed drink menu, cuisine in vibrant hues and a giant balloon-covered wall feature.

According to the Daily Mail, Williams inherited her grandfather’s $1 million Primrose Street property in Essendon. Since 2008, he has been living there with his family. But George, his grandfather, left behind a tax debt of more than $900,000.

The family’s battle with the Australian Taxation Office ended in failure in 2017. They then quarreled over a portion of the remaining estate.

Dakota gives her more than 39,000 Instagram followers insights into her life in Melbourne. His Twitter handle is @dhakotawilliams, and he is active.

Williams has said her relationship with her father was normal. In an interview with Seven’s Sunday Night in 2016, she revealed that she still has fond memories of her time with him.

Dakota declared- “No matter what the media says, we know who our father is. He’s a hilarious, warm and compassionate guy, as a result. He continues to make us happy.

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“If you talk to him and get to know him, you’ll believe he’s not like that. You can tell he did it for his family, because he was there for us, for his family. I just know it’s normal.

Gangland heir Dakota Williams, the 17-year-old daughter of murdered Melbourne drug kingpin Carl Williams, is already showing her father’s rebellious nature.

Dakota Williams and a young girlfriend snuck into the high roller section of Melbourne’s Crown Casino earlier this year and posed for photos.

According to reports, the casino is investigating how she got past security.

However, his criminal father frequented the casino and it served as the venue for his christening celebration in 2003.

Dakota captioned a picture of the inner sanctum with the phrase “made it” as she snuck inside earlier this year.

Dakota’s mother, Roberta Williams, a mobster widow, says her glamorous brunette daughter could be a model, but the teenager plans to go to law school.

Plus, eight years after his father was killed by another criminal in a Melbourne jail, the Year 11 student is battling the government for a share of his million-dollar gang inheritance.
At his father’s funeral, attended by convicts from Melbourne, Dakota is seen carrying a teddy bear. A grizzly bear was carried by William West Dakota to his father’s funeral, which was attended by convicts from Melbourne.

His drug-trafficking grandfather, Carl’s father George, who was involved in Melbourne’s amphetamine manufacturing business, left home for Dakota.

She was a young child when Dakota’s father was jailed for four murders of Moran crime family rivals during Melbourne’s notorious gang wars.

Carl was shot in the stomach by Jason Moran, then killed two years before his birth on his 29th birthday.

That day he stumbled into his parents’ home on Primrose St in the Essendon suburb of north-west Melbourne.

Dakota and his mother now live in the same house where Carl’s distraught mother turned herself in after learning her beloved son was sentenced to life in prison.

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The ATO has ordered the sale of the shot and bombed house, with the proceeds going towards the tax burden owed by the late George Williams.

However, Roberta Williams insists the house left to Dakota was part of a deal made in exchange for data her late husband gave to Victorian police.

Carl Williams’ prison killing is thought to be linked to secret discussions he had with police about murders during Melbourne’s brutal seven-year gang war that ended in 2006.

Dakota Williams
Dakota Williams

Matthew Charles Johnson hit Williams with an exercise bike part on April 4, 2010, in the maximum security Acacia block of Barwon Prison near Geelong.

Dakota accompanied his mother to his father’s funeral, where he was buried in a gold casket in typical mob style. She also carried a teddy bear.

Now, he is sharing stunning pictures of a young, beautiful girl with his friends.

Dakota recently increased her Instagram followers to over 7000.
Dakota revealed her desire to “become a lawyer” in an interview with The Daily Telegraph last month, and her mother Roberta said Karl would be “very happy” for her daughter.

Dakota previously shared her fond memories of her father, who she visited in prison, with Channel 7’s Sunday Night programme.

He noted, “We know our father as our father, not as he is portrayed in the tabloids.

He always made us happy and we knew he was funny, kind and caring.

“If you talk to him and get to know him you will believe that he is not that kind of person,” the speaker said.

Dakota called his family “regular… good people.”

Her father “did it for us,” she said.

She said, “You could tell he did it for his family.”

Roberta Williams filed a legal appeal on behalf of Dakota’s estate against the ATO against the ATO’s claim that Dakota’s grandfather had left $740,000 unpaid.

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The Victorian Supreme Court ordered the house to be sold and the proceeds to settle the debt in March after finding Ms Williams had no legal title.

On Tuesday, lawyer John Selimi explained to the court that the family’s appeal was intended to enforce an agreement reached between Carl and Victoria Police.

Mr. Carl Williams promised that his father’s tax liability would be forgiven, and George Williams did this to give the house to Carl Williams’ daughter. Selimi said.

In 2010 Carl Parvon was killed inside the jail before giving a witness statement in court as part of a deal agreed to by police to clear George Williams’ tax debt.

Later, Victoria Police reneged on its promise to settle George’s tax debt.

Children of Roberta Williams and Carl Williams

In 2001, Roberta Williams and Carl Williams got married. Their only biological child is Dakota.

Roberta was previously married to Dean Stephens before marrying Carl. She and he are parents to a daughter, Danielle Stephens.

In the popular TV show Underbelly, Kate Stewart played the role of Roberta. Her father was killed in a truck accident when she was a child, leaving her fatherless.

Williams has confirmed that she was mistreated by her mother and her mother’s boyfriends. As the abuse continued, she separated from her first husband, Daniel Stephens.

Roberta says Carl Williams saved her from all the pain she experienced as a child.

What was Carl Williams like?

Since Carl William’s death on April 19, 2010, his family has become more famous.

He was beaten to death by another inmate, Matthew Charles Johnson, and sentenced to 35 years in prison for the three murders. He died shortly after reporting to the police to get government benefits.

Carl was a well-known participant in the gang conflict in Melbourne before he was jailed. He controlled a drug empire that resulted in the deaths of 36 criminals between 1998 and 2010.