Where Is She Now? Roberta Williams Had 3 Children Before Husband Carl Williams.

Dakota Williams- Where is she now? Roberta Williams had 3 children before her husband Carl Williams.

Roberta Williams, wife of Carl Williams, is a well-known gangster. She was sentenced for asking for money from a reality TV producer.

The notorious gangster’s wife appeared in Victoria County Court on August 26, 2022. She was sentenced to two years in prison. Collingwood three years ago, a court charged her with extortion and recklessly harming her victim.

Ryan Numenko, the alleged victim, fell for Roberta’s scams. For about three hours he was threatened and physically assaulted.

The general public on the Internet is interested in the family history of Carl Williams’ wife, particularly the names of her offspring. What is known is listed below.

Dakota Williams

Dakota Williams

Meet Dakota Williams, daughter of Roberta Williams.

Dakota Williams lives a luxurious lifestyle in her Melbourne home. She has just accompanied her mother to Victoria County Court.

Williams recently celebrated her 21st birthday, which was on the 10th of March, and the gangster heiress surprised her social media followers by posting pictures from her extravagant birthday party. Her celebration included a specially designed drinks menu, colorful food and a large balloon covered wall.

According to the Daily Mail, Williams received her grandfather’s $1 million home on Primrose Street in Essendon. She and her family have been staying there since 2008. However, her grandfather George also left a tax liability of over $900,000.

In 2017, the family’s battle with the Australian Taxation Office was unsuccessful. Then they fought over a portion of the remaining estate.

To her more than 39,000 followers on Instagram, Dakota shares glimpses of her life in Melbourne, including extravagant photos and expensive nights out. She regularly tweets under the headline dhakotawilliams.

According to Williams, her relationship with her father was normal. In an interview with Seven’s Sunday Night in 2016, she stated that she still values ​​her time with him.

“We know who our dad is, no matter what’s in the media,” Dakota stated. As a result, he is a funny, caring, and loving guy. He did not fail to make us happy.

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“You’d think he wasn’t that kind of guy if you talked to him and got to know him. He was all for us and his family, so obviously he did it for them. Really, all I knew was that it was routine for me.”

The 17-year-old heiress of Gangland and Dakota Williams, daughter of the late Melbourne drug lord Carl Williams, has already shown signs of her father’s rebellion.

Earlier this year, Dakota Williams and her teen buddy snuck into the high roller area of ​​Melbourne Crown Casino and posed for photos.

The casino is said to be investigating how they bypassed security.

However, the casino was a favorite hangout for her criminal father, and also hosted christening ceremonies in 2003.

When Dakota broke out earlier in the year, she captioned a photo of the indoor sanctuary with the phrase “make it.”

Dakota’s mother, gangster widow Roberta Williams, claims that her beautiful brunette daughter can be a model, but the teen is determined to go to law school.

In addition, the eleventh-year student is fighting the government for a portion of her million-dollar gangland inheritance, eight years after her father is murdered in a Melbourne prison by another criminal.

Dakota was photographed with a teddy bear at her father’s funeral, which was attended by criminals from Melbourne. William West Dakota holds a teddy bear during her father’s funeral, which was attended by Melbourne criminals.

George, Carl’s grandfather, who was a drug dealer and worked in Melbourne’s amphetamine production business, gave the house to Dakota.

She was just a little girl when Dakota’s father was imprisoned for the four murders of rival Moran family criminals committed during the famous gang feud in Melbourne.

Jason Moran, who was later killed on his 29th birthday, two years before she was born, shot Carl in the stomach.

That day, he toured his parents’ home on Primrose Street in Melbourne’s northwestern Essendon area.

Dakota and her mother now live in the same house where Karl’s stricken mother has committed to herself after finding out that her beloved son has been sentenced to life in prison.

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Molotov cocktails were thrown at the house and shot, and the ATO ordered to sell it. Proceeds from the sale will be used to pay taxes owed to the late George Williams.

Roberta Williams says the residence she inherited for Dakota is part of an arrangement in exchange for information her late husband gave to Victoria Police.

The assassination of Carl Williams in prison is believed to be linked to conversations he had confidently with the police about the murders carried out during the deadly seven-year gang war in Melbourne, which ended in 2006.

On April 4, 2010, Matthew Charles Johnson beat Williams to death with an exercise bike component inside the high-security Acacia Building at Barron Prison, near Geelong.

At her father’s funeral, when he was buried in a gilded coffin according to gangster customs, Dakota went with her mother. She also had a teddy bear with her.

Dakota Williams family

Dakota Williams family

She now posts beautiful pictures of an attractive young woman who is having fun with her friends.

Recently, Dakota has seen an increase in her Instagram followers, which are now over 7,000.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph last month, Dakota stated that her goal is to “become a lawyer”, and her mother Roberta claimed Karl would be “very happy” with his daughter to make the decision.

Dakota previously spoke to Channel Seven’s Sunday Night Show about her happy memories of her father she saw in prison.

She said- We know our father as our father, not as the headlines portrayed him.

We knew he was so kind, loving, and caring for us because he always made us smile.

The speaker noted that if you talk to him and get to know him, you’ll think he’s not that kind of person.

Dakota made a family call. “Normal… good people,”

She said her father “did it for us.”

And I noticed that you could say he did it for the sake of his family.

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In order to challenge the ATO’s assertion that Dakota’s grandfather left $740,000 in unpaid taxes, Roberta Williams filed a legal appeal on behalf of Dakota’s inheritance against the ATO.

In March, the Victorian High Court ruled that Ms Williams lacked legal title to the property and ordered that it be liquidated with the proceeds directed towards repaying the debt.

John Selimi, the family’s attorney, explained to the court on Tuesday how the family’s appeal aims to support the settlement between Karl and Victoria Police.

Mr. Slimy alleged that Carl Williams obtained assurances that his father’s tax debts would be waived so that George Williams could give Carl Williams’ daughter the home.

As part of the deal under which police agreed to clear George Williams’ tax debts, Carl was murdered inside Barron Prison in 2010 before he could give a witness statement in court.

Victoria Police later reneged on their pledge to pay George’s tax bill.

Roberta Williams and Carl Williams’ children

Carl Williams and Roberta Williams married in 2001. Dakota is their only biological child.

Before she married Carl, Roberta was previously married to Dean Stevens. Danielle Stevens is the daughter they had together.

Roberta was a character played by Kat Stewart on the popular TV show Underbelly. When she was a child, her father was killed in a truck accident, leaving her father behind.

Williams claims that her mother and her mother’s friends brutally abused her. Due to the continuing pattern of abuse, she and her first husband, Danielle Stevens, separated.

Roberta says Carl Williams comforted her from childhood pain.

Dakota Williams with mom

Dakota Williams with mom

How does Carl Williams fare?

Carl William passed away on April 19, 2010, and his family has gained even more fame since then.

He was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the murders of three men, and was beaten to death by another inmate, Matthew Charles Johnson. He passed away shortly after exchanging information with the police for government interests.

Before entering prison, Karl was a well-known player in Melbourne’s guerrilla war. He ran a drug empire that killed 36 criminals between 1998 and 2010 as a result of drug use.