(*12*) contenders have easiest, toughest road to (*10*) (*(*25*)*) (*(*26*)*)?


(*(*30*)*)Earlier this week, we shared the Preseason Consensus Poll to open the 2022 college football season.(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)We felt now is a good time to revisit the poll and look at which teams have the easiest and hardest path to the (*10*) (*(*25*)*) (*(*26*)*).(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)The final four will be paired for the CFB (*(*26*)*) semifinals Dec. 31 at the Peach and Fiesta bowls. The national championship game will be played Mon., Jan. (*26*), inside SoFi Stadium in suburban Los Angeles.(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)We have taken the top 20 from the poll and re-ranked those teams from the easiest road to the toughest in terms of schedule strength.(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)Why did we only use the top 20? That is a good question. That’s because in the eight previous seasons of the CFB (*(*26*)*) there has only been one team outside the Associated Press preseason top 20 that has qualified for the football version of the final four. That was Michigan last year. The Wolverines, (*19*)-4 in the 2020 season, were in the (*(*20*)*) category prior to the 2021 campaign.(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)In fact, 25 of the 32 teams selected for the semifinals in that time came from the preseason top 10. The other seven were-(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* Preseason No. 12 Clemson and preseason No. 19 Oklahoma in 2015;(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* Preseason No. (*30*) Washington in 2016;(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* Preseason No. (*31*) Georgia in 2017;(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* Preseason No. 12 Notre Dame in 2018;(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* Preseason No. 10 Notre Dame in 2020; and(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* Unranked Michigan in 2021.(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)Looking at the schedules of the top teams in the Preseason Consensus Poll, we come across six games that will match teams ranked in the top 10 in the preseason. These are-(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* No. (*20*) Georgia facing No. 10 Oregon on Saturday in Atlanta ((*20*)-30 p.m., ABC);(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* No. (*25*) Notre Dame at No. (*19*) Ohio State on Saturday (7-30 p.m., ABC);(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* No. 7 Texas A&M at No. 1 Alabama on Oct. (*25*);(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* No. 4 Clemson at No. 4 Notre Dame on Nov. 5 (7-30 p.m., NBC);(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* No. 6 Utah at No. 10 Oregon on Nov. 19; and(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)* No. 5 Michigan at No. (*19*) Ohio State on Nov. 26 (noon, FOX).(*13*)
(*(*30*)*)Below, we count down the schedules of the top 20 teams in the Preseason Consensus Poll from easiest to hardest. (Note- Each team’s consensus poll ranking is in parentheses.)(*13*)

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