Who Are Noella McMaher Parents Dee McMaher And Timothy McCord? Facts About The Young Trans Model

A 10-year-old transgender child is making headlines when she walks the runway for a trans* clothing brand at New York Fashion Week.

In February, Noella modeled at New York Fashion Week. However, the 10-year-old has received more attention since it emerged that she has lined up modeling jobs until November.

Noella McMaher
Noella McMaher


Who were Noella McMaher’s parents, Dee McMaher and Timothy McCord?

Noella has lots of friends on social media and gets along well with her parents at home.

Dee and Timothy McCord, a scientist in the Chicago area, had Noella and Levi. Noella’s parents insist that Levi is a boy and want to keep it that way.

McCord told the Post that she didn’t mind if Noella became a woman, but that her work as a model made her life too public.

McCord is confused when Dee tells Noella that she will have gender reassignment surgery at the age of 16.

In 2019, Dee and McCord separated, but McCord says she saw the children often at first.

She married Dee Ray after they broke up. The model’s parents Dee McMaher, 35, and Ray McMaher, 32, were both born biologically female but now say they don’t fit into any gender category.

More on McMaher’s perfect family

Her family consists of her parents, two siblings and herself. The model’s parents, Ray and Dee, are not straight.

In an interview, the model’s parents said that as a child, Noella did not like wearing boys’ clothes and often felt awkward.

Dee said they eventually took her to a gender clinic and once she realized she was a woman, she came out on her own.

They said it’s their job as parents to accept that our three children have different needs. Dee said that she and Rake had a child with Noella and that Noella always knew who she was.

Dee says Noella’s parents never told her to be a girl. Dee noticed that the pair were not very fashionable and only had a few pairs of shoes.

But their daughter Noella is the exact opposite. She can’t get enough of glitz, makeup and clothes.

Noella McMaher
Noella McMaher

How much money does McMaher have in 2022?

When a 10-year-old transgender girl from Chicago walks the runway at New York Fashion Week next month, it will be her second time. Next year, he plans to do the same in Paris.

The 10-year-old trans model is thought to be worth $204,000. Noella’s mother Dee told Forbes earlier this year that Noella’s first show was at Chicago Fashion Week at age seven.

They said a trans teen told the 10-year-old model about open auditions and she watched YouTube videos to prepare.

Noella planned her first audition with two designers. She went to two Chicago Fashion Weeks and a few smaller events after that.

(LifeSiteNews) – CHICAGO – A boy who is out in public as a child drag queen reportedly has “non-binary” parents who plan to start him on puberty blockers and transgender surgery when he turns 16.

People are upset about the story on social media as some say the child’s mother and her “partner” are abusing the child.

LGBT activists called Noella McMaher “the world’s youngest transgender model,” according to The Daily Wire. Since he was a toddler, the 10-year-old boy was raised as a girl and, at age seven, legally changed his name. A 10-year-old transgender girl from Chicago will be a runway star when she walks New York Fashion Week next month. He also plans to walk in Paris next year.

Noella McMahr’s parents are both transgender, and her baby brother is called “Theibi”. In February, she was one of several trans and non-binary models who walked for a trans clothing company at NYFW. She was the youngest ever to arrive there.

At New York Fashion Week in February, Noella wore clothes with the label Trans Clothing Company.

Noella is active on social media and seems to have a good life at home with her parents Dee McMaher, 35, and Ray McMaher, 32.

Noella’s mother, Dee, told Forbes earlier this year that her daughter’s first show was at Chicago Fashion Week when she was 7 years old. “A transgender teenager who had come out told her about open auditions, so she watched YouTube videos to prepare. At her first audition, she was hired by two designers. She was at two Chicago Fashion Weeks and a few smaller shows.

Dee McMaher and Ray McMaher were both born female, but no longer identify as female.

Noella’s parents, Ray and Dee McMahr, were both born female, but no longer see themselves as female.

On Wednesday, Dee told The Post that even as a child, Noella didn’t want to wear men’s clothes and would often act out. Dee said they eventually took her to a gender clinic and once she realized she was a woman, she came out on her own.

“As parents, it’s our job to meet the individual needs of our three children,” Dee told The Post. “Noella has always been a child who knows who she is,” they said.

Dee said that neither of Noella’s parents tried to feminize her

She said, “Between me and my husband, there are probably two pairs of shoes.” “We don’t care about fashion at all. Noella is not like her. She is crazy about glitter, make-up and clothes. We don’t even know how to promote such femininity.

Noella says I’ll throw a fit if I dress like a boy.

Noella seems to have changed before her parents did. “She’s the most confident of anyone I know. I always tell her I want to be like her when I grow up,” Dee said.

Dee has an answer ready for those asking how a 10-year-old knows they’re transgender.

“When she was 2 years old, she told us that she was not expecting a boy. At 4.5 years old, he became social, and at 7 years old, he became legal.

“My partner and I are transgender,” Dee said. “Noella made the transition long before we did. She’s the most assertive of anyone I know. I always tell her, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

In 2019, Illinois Governor JP Pritzker, whose billionaire family is one of the largest donors to transgender people in the world, signed an executive order to promote the rights of LGBTQ students in schools. Noella was among those who posed with him. She was wearing a pink tutu, a big bow in her hair and a t-shirt that read “This is what trans looks like”.

Both Noella and Levi were born in the Chicago area to Dee and her scientist husband Timothy McCord at the time. Levi’s parents say he is a boy and wants to be a boy.

McCord told The Post that she doesn’t mind that Noella is trans, but that she’s a little concerned that her life as a model is too mainstream. McCord said she doesn’t know what to think about Noella’s future access to medical care.

“There’s nothing I can do,” he said. “She’s not my baby anymore.”

Dee and McCord separated years ago and divorced in 2019, but McCord said he saw the children often at first.

He said what happened when he held Noella’s hand in 2016. He did not see his children after that. “The next day, Dee phoned and said Noella needed a break from the kids because she had a sprain,” she said. “Then she called back and said Noella had a broken arm. I think you need a lawyer.

McCord said he ended up in a legal nightmare, was arrested and spent a few nights in the Cook County Jail in Chicago. He said he decided to plead guilty to child endangerment because he felt it was pointless to continue fighting the court system.

He tried to see the children again but was unable to, the judge said.

Noella’s dad says he hasn’t seen Noella since her mom got divorced in 2019.

Noella’s father said he no longer speaks to his 10-year-old daughter, but hopes she will contact him when she gets older.

“I tried to be a part of their lives again, but it was very difficult for everyone,” she said. Although he says he didn’t do what he was told, he decided to allow Dee and her partner to adopt the children, and relinquished all rights to them.

“I had the opportunity to step back and let Dee’s partner adopt the kids so they wouldn’t have to deal with all the stress that was causing them,” she said.

McCord said she’s ready to talk to the kids as they get older.

“I’m here if they have any questions,” he said. “You can easily find me.