Who Are the parents of Enya Umanzor? Information On The American YouTuber

Who are the parents of Enya Umanzor? Information about American YouTube

Famous American Content Creator, Social Media Influencer and Youtuber Enya Umanzor. With nearly a million subscribers, she has a YouTube channel called “Enya Humanzor”.

She appears frequently uploading videos on her YouTube account as well. The young internet star, who previously used Vine, turned to YouTube in 2014. Since then she has maintained a presence on the network, frequently posting gorgeous clips about beauty and fashion.

A lot of people around the world are currently in love with Umanzor because she is a very open-minded young woman. As she became more famous, fans became curious about her. Let’s investigate further.

Inya Umanzor

Inya Umanzor

Enya Umanzor’s parents

Enya Umanzor’s parents raised her in Miami, Florida. After her mother left her at the age of six, her father raised her. The well-known American YouTuber has not yet made her parents’ names or any other private details publicly available.

Over time, Enya’s father adopted three children. He also has a sister and a brother. In honor of Father’s Day, she also posted a lot of pictures of her parents on her Instagram story.

The influencer thanked her father for his years of commitment as a father and mother in the post that came after. Several Reddit users referred to her as a “nepotism child.”

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Similar to this, some people have expressed concern about her masquerading as a poor person despite her wealthy upbringing. Enya Umanzor, a YouTuber, has a video on her channel dedicated to her late mother.

She talked about her mother’s death and the impact it had on her life in one of her videos. Her video mentions her mother’s death in January, though she did not mention the exact cause of death.

Enya Umanzor’s parents have always supported her career choices and she has put a lot of effort and perseverance through time to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous YouTuber.

Enya Umanzor birthday and age

On January 22, 1999, Enya Umanzor was born, and made her 23-year-old in 2022.

Enya publishes articles on beauty, makeup and fashion. It gained notoriety on Vine, amassing more than 500 thousand fans. On November 20, 2013, Enya Umanzor posted her first video on Vine titled “This Fandom” and also signed a deal with A3 artist agency for extensive representation.

Then, she attended North Miami Senior High School, where she eventually obtained her 2018 diploma. We think she is a college student who puts a lot of effort into getting her degree because of her age.

Enya Umanzor is a multi-ethnic person. Her parents are Irish and Honduran respectively. However, the information has often been misunderstood as some people assert that one of their parents is Cuban.

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Drew and Enya: A couple? Relationship with her boyfriend

It is currently assumed that Enya Umanzur and Roy Blair are a married couple. Enya is a well-known YouTube personality. Despite being close friends who appeared in each other’s YouTube videos, Enya and Drew are not in a relationship.

The couple started dating in 2017 and have been together ever since. Enya also does not hesitate to share her lover’s photos on Instagram.

Phillips and Umanzor, two old friends, have been online for nearly ten years. They have made a name for themselves as strong individuals with a distinct sense of humor. In 2017, Umanzor started her podcast “Radio Is Dead”.

Fans enjoyed it despite the fact that there were only two episodes. For many years, requests for “Radio Is Dead” to come back to life have been hitting Umanzor’s comment sections on all platforms.

However, there is no evidence to support a possible romantic relationship between the two. As a result, it is assumed that despite their frequent appearances together in videos, Enya and Drew are not romantically involved.