Who are the parents of Ethan Hazzard? Afro-British actor to star in ‘Wolves 2020’

Ethan Hazzard is a rising actor whose role as Hunter in Raised by Wolves helped him get noticed. We still don’t know much about how he was raised and who his parents were.

Ethan is trying hard to make a name for himself in Hollywood. The actor has managed to get a few big roles in movies and is working hard to keep his name out there. With his big screen debut in 2018, his journey is still in its early stages.

But then, there are not many projects that impress the audience and get the attention of important directors and Hollywood stars. Time will tell if he can take over the business.

Ethan Hazzard
Ethan Hazzard

Who is the mother and father of Ethan Hazzard?

Ethan Hazzard was born in 1995 in the United Kingdom. We still don’t know who his parents are.

Ethan was born in South London, England, but his exact birthplace and family details are kept secret. He just started acting, so he doesn’t want to talk about his personal life yet.

Based on his features, we can guess that his parents are of African descent. Ethan was born and raised in England, which makes him a British citizen. He went to high school in England and graduated there.

When he got a good start in his career, he might talk about his parents and siblings. But until then, we will have to make do with what little we know about his parents and family.

Ethan Hazzard’s career as an actor

Ethan Hazzard is a stage actor who debuted on the big screen in 2018.

In the show Damned, he played Limahl, which was his first role on television. In two episodes of this show, he has to show what he can do. In the same year, he could also play Elias in the show The Long Song. The show is based on the best-selling book by Andrea Levy, which is about the last days of slavery in Jamaica in the 1800s.

In 2019, the actor entered the movie. In The Dare, a comedy written by Giles Alderson and Jonny Grant and directed by Giles Alderson, Ethan plays the role of Isaac. In the movie Break, he played Michael in 2020.

The 23-year-old has been in many different types of movies and TV shows. He didn’t think twice about accepting any role and stepped up to play different characters.

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He gained a lot of attention when he played Hunter in the TV show Raised by Wolves. Because of how well he played Hunter, he became known and noticed.

More about Ethan Hazzard

Ethan Hazzard was a stage actor before he got roles in TV shows and movies.

He is a British actor of African descent who is currently single and focused on his career. Aasiya Shah is his best friend, but they are just friends. No one knows that they both have feelings for each other. This talented young man likes to play with his friends. He likes to hang out with his friends. He still talks to people he knew before he was famous.

It seems that the young actor is a Christian. In October 2018, he registered for Instagram. Since then, he has posted 49 photos and has 1.6K followers. In the same way, the Twitter following of the actor is still growing.

Ethan says that he is really interested in the actors Johnny Depp and Emma Watson. They are his favorite actors. Ethan is very interested in adventures such as hiking and trekking. The British actor likes to be outside and travel. When asked where he would like to go on vacation, he would say Greece.

the beginning of the year

Ethan Hazzard was born in the London borough of Southwark and is a British citizen. He was also raised in a Christian home and has Afro-British roots.

Ethan’s school records show that he graduated from a nearby high school. He went to the local university, where he got a degree, to get more education. Like other celebrities, Ethan Hazzard has kept his high school and college names and details a secret.

Ethan Hazzard
Ethan Hazzard

Ethan Hazzard’s parents

There is no information about parents, siblings, or relatives of Ethan Hazzard. For this reason, Ethan’s personal life has been kept quiet.

What makes Ethan Hazzard known?

Ethan Hazzard is best known for playing Hunter in the sci-fi TV show Raised by Wolves, which first aired in 2020. He started acting in 2018, but the movie Raised by Wolves made him famous and a name that everyone knows.

Ethan’s favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Emma Watson, and he sees them as favorites. Ethan Hazzard enjoys traveling, hiking, hiking, and partying.

Blue is also his favorite color. Ethan likes pizza, pasteles, Epanadillas, tocos, avocado sandwiches, and other foods. Ethan likes to spend time with his friends. His best friend is Aasiya Shah. He also likes to go to Greece when he has free time.

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Ethan Hazzard is a new actor who appeared for the first time in 2018. He has appeared in more than one TV show. In the TV show “Damned,” Hazzard played the part of Limahl. He also appeared for the first time in two episodes of this show.

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Since then, Ethan has been in two movies. Ethan played Isaac in the 2019 movie “The Dare,” and he portrayed Michael in the movie “Break” (2020). In the same way, the young actor was in some TV shows. In 2019, Hazzard portrayed the role of Joel in an episode of the TV show “Giri/Haji.” Also in 2018, Ethan played Elias in three episodes of “Long Song.”

Ethan has seen many movies and TV shows, from comedies to thrillers to social documentaries. On the other hand, Ethan may become less known because of these jobs. Ethan first became known and praised for his role as Hunter in the TV show “Raised by Wolves.”

Hazzard is still a rising star in the business. His latest series shows that he has reached the top level of his field.

Personal life

Ethan might be single since he hasn’t said if he’s dating anyone.

He has not said anything to the media about his past relationship.

Ethan Hazzard Terence Howard

Ethan Hazzard plays Hunter in Aaron Guzikowski’s “Raised by Wolves” project. In his first film, “Prisoner,” Aaron worked with Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, Viola Davis, Terrence Howard, Paul Dano, and Maria Bello.

By working with Aaron, Ethan Hazzard makes a connection between his name and famous people. Some have compared Ethan to actor Terrence Howard, which makes sense how much they have in common.


Ethan Hazzard is a talented actor who loves what he does. Ethan has a net worth of £50,000 because of how hard he works. His main way of making money is acting in TV shows, modeling, making movies, and doing other things. Hazzard is doing well in the entertainment business, which is good for him.

How old is Ethan Hazzard?

Ethan was born in 1998, which makes him 23 years old now. Ethan is a British citizen because he was born in South London, England. He also comes from a Christian family and has Afro-British ancestry. We know nothing about his parents, siblings, or other members of his family. Ethan has kept his private life hidden and out of the public eye.

According to his school records, Ethan graduated from high school in the area. He then entered the local university, where he received his degree and continued his studies. Like other famous people, Ethan doesn’t talk about where he went to school or what he did there.

Ethan loves Johnny Depp and Emma Watson very much. They are two of his favorite things and hobbies. Ethan loves to travel, hike, hike, and party. In the same way, blue is his favorite color. Ethan loves a variety of foods, including pizza, pasteles, epanadillas, tocos, avocado sandwiches, and more. Ethan likes to hang out with his friends. His best friend is Aasiya Shah. In the same way, Greece is his ideal vacation spot.

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How much money does Ethan Hazzard have?

Ethan is a talented actor who works hard. Because of his hard work, Ethan has a net worth of £50,000 British pounds. His acting in TV shows, movies, and other projects is his main source of income. So, now he is enjoying the money he made in the entertainment business.

Ethan Hazzard with some of his friends

When it comes to awards, Ethan has yet to win any major awards. Because of his talent and his hard work, he is sure to win some awards soon.

Who is Ethan Hazzard going out with?

Currently, Ethan Hazzard is single and not in a relationship. Ethan doesn’t talk about himself or his relationship. He is so private that he never talks about who he likes or who likes him. On top of that, he never talked about his past relationship. In the same way, there are no rumors that he is seeing someone. So, it is safe to say that he is still single and focused on his career at the moment.

What is the height of Ethan Hazzard?

Ethan is 1.69 meters tall and weighs about 70 kg (142 pounds). In the same way, Ethan has 14 inch biceps and 9 inch shoe size (US). His chest, waist, and hip measurements are 40, 28, and 36 inches. Ethan also has beautiful dark brown eyes and short black hair.

How does Ethan Hazzard live?

Ethan, who is a rising star, started acting in 2018. He has been in a few TV shows. In the TV show “damned,” Ethan played the part of Limahl. This is his first time on TV, and he was in two episodes of the show.

Also, Ethan has been in two movies. In the 2019 film “The Dare,” Ethan played Isaac. In the movie “Break,” he played Michael (2020). The young star also appeared in other TV shows. He played Joel in an episode of “Giri/Haji” in 2019.

In 2018, Ethan played Elias in three episodes of “The Long Song”.

Ethan has watched many different types of movies and TV shows, such as comedies, horror-thrillers, and shows about social issues. But after playing these roles, Ethan could not be more popular.

So, Ethan’s big break in popularity and fame came when he played Hunter on the TV show “Raised by the Wolves.” Science fiction series do a good job of portraying the complex and powerful emotions of humans.

Ethan is still on the rise in the business world. Based on how well he has done in his previous series, he is doing very well.