Who Is He? Facts About Bank Of Dave Show Host And Author. Dave Fishwick’s Wiki/Bio, Personal Information, Family and Net Worth.

Dave Fishwick: Who is he? Facts about Dave Show Host and Author. Wiki/Biography of Dave Fishwick, personal information, family and net worth.

Channel 4’s “Bank of Dave” documentary focuses on Dave Fishwicke, an Englishman who built a successful business for himself and became a millionaire. Dave started his bank, then called Burnley Savings and Loans, in his hometown of Burnley, Lancashire, in 2011. His goal was to help struggling local businesses and show that it was possible for banks to be socially responsible by donating whatever profits they made. They achieved it.

In addition to his stellar career as a television personality, he is also the author of Bank of Dave: How I Took on the Banks, a 288-page book.

The book explains how one man, Dave, bravely built his local bank, made loans to neighborhood businesses, paid investors 5% interest on their money, and even contributed his winnings to charitable groups.

Given the fact that Dave has had to contend with the Financial Services Authority in order to keep his bank open, his story is both inspiring and encouraging at the same time. In addition, the fact that this novel is based on his life story makes it even more attractive.

Dave Fishwick

Dave Fishwick

Who exactly is Dave Fishwicke who appeared on The Dave Show? More can be found in his biography on Wikipedia.

David “Dave” Fishwick is a well known name in the corporate world, as well as in television and publishing. Fishwick, currently 51 years old, was born in March 1971 in the county of Lancashire.

The Lancashire native is a familiar face on television across the UK and is known for his expertise in the areas of entrepreneurship, business and finance.

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He set up his own company selling minibuses and made millions of dollars through it. His company is currently the UK’s largest provider of new and used minibuses, minivans and wheelchair accessible vehicles. It also sells cars that are wheelchair accessible.

In 2011, Dave founded Burnley Savings and Loans, a private lending company that later became the center of the Channel 4 show Bank of Dave.

Dave made a guarantee that despite the size of his bank, it would be better than those on High Street. “Honest people who work hard no longer qualify for loans. I can’t see their performance being much worse than what irresponsible bankers are already doing.

When he used his prior business knowledge to market and sell bottled tap water in 2017, he appeared on Channel 4’s Channel 4 Dave’s Guide To Spending Money.

David Fishwick: Loan Ranger and Can Property Pay You are two other shows produced and hosted by the television personality. Plus a shopper’s guide to saving money on every purchase.

Additionally, Dave is the author of a book titled Bank of Dave: How I Took on the Banks. In 2012, the Sunday Times Business included his book in its bestseller list of business books.

He currently hosts BBC One’s daily finance program Your Money And Your Life, which guides individuals through difficult financial situations that have arisen as a result of the lifting of the lockdown.

In his shows and seminars, the 51-year-old explores the joy of entrepreneurship and what led him to take on a challenge that was practically impossible to solve. It offers useful lessons for both large and small organizations.

David appears to be a passionate follower of a variety of sports, most notably soccer and the Trafford Choices FC soccer team. We can observe him participating in a variety of other sports, including cycling and skiing.

What is David Fishwick’s net worth in 2022?

David Fishwicke is said to have a net worth of around $500 million. He is a millionaire owner and owns a number of very profitable businesses.

He made his fortune by selling wheelchair accessible cars as well as minibuses and coaches. In addition, selling his books brings him a good amount of money because he is a writer.

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In an interview, he stated that he did not even have enough money to buy a butter chip, which is 37p.

After gaining experience as a construction worker, he came up with a dazzling idea of ​​cleaning and auctioning cars which was accepted by a local dealer as dealers, all while keeping whatever profit he could make.

He led his business to become the UK’s most successful minibus provider. Then, in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, he founded Burnley Savings And Loans with the goal of protecting individuals from exploitation by payday lending companies.

“Because I’m not afraid of bullies, I enjoy standing up to them when they try to intimidate me.” He said this in response to financial institutions charging exorbitant interest rates.

Within six months, the company, famous for its “Bank on Dave” slogan, made a profit of more than 10,000 pounds, which was distributed to a number of charities in the vicinity.

Is there a woman in David Fishwick’s life? More information about his wife and family

David Fishwick married Nicola, the woman who would become his devoted and encouraging wife, under joyful circumstances. The couple married and took their vows before being together for 27 years.

Nicola is a biochemist who came to prominence after tying the knot with a well-known actor. When he was in the process of creating his own supply business empire, the couple had their first encounter in a garage.

Fishwick and his wife had a contented and satisfying marriage to this day. In addition to this, they have two children, a daughter named Sarah and a son named Connor.

Even if the romantic husband has a healthy relationship, he doesn’t like posting or sharing too much information about her on his social media accounts. This is because he is embarrassed by their relationship.

When will the next episode of “Your Money and Your Life” be shown?

On the BBC’s Your Money and Your Life David is a guest contributor and serves as a financial expert.

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On Friday 3 July, at 10 am, the final episode of the series will be shown on BBC One.

BBC iPlayer allows you to catch up on any programs you may have missed.

Here is an excerpt from the description: “As the nation begins to contemplate a return to normalcy, Matt Alwright and Kim Marsh offer a one-stop shop for the nation’s most pressing consumer problems.”

Dave Fishwick

Dave Fishwick

Media coverage

Since it first opened its doors in 2011, BSAL has been the subject of great coverage in the media. The first episode of the television series Bank of Dave was shown on Channel 4 in the UK in July 2012, and subsequent episodes were shown on many networks around the world. It covered the period from the scheme’s inception until it was made available to the general public. A follow-up episode that won a Scottish BAFTA Award and was titled Bank of Dave: Fighting the Fat Cats aired in February 2013, and later that year Dave published a book of the same title that became a Sunday Times bestseller. The book describes what the business involves and is named after the ring. Since then, the mainstream press in the UK and around the world has continued to show interest in the charismatic entrepreneur behind BSAL. This interest has led to regular columns in the press in both countries, as well as numerous TV shows on Channel 4 and CNBC focusing on the topic of consumer interest.


After the show’s first episode aired in 2012, Fishwick continued to lobby Parliament to reform the UK banking system. His efforts were met with support from former shadow business minister Chuka Omuna MP, who was in favor of the bank’s concept of looking to “serve and grow the local economy rather than just profit and serve shareholders”. According to Steve Baker, Member of Parliament and former member of the Treasury Committee, “This model is the direction in which the world must evolve.”