Who is he? Know about his bio,age, wealth and death

Paul Prenter: Who is he? Find out about his biography, age, fortune and death

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Paul Printer

Paul Printer

Paul Prenter biography

Paul Prenter, former British Superintendent and A&R Superintendent, was born in August 1946 and died in 1991.

Since he ran Freddie Mercury from London, he was able to anticipate the artist’s brands and other things.

The music was created by Freddie Mercury, a famous British singer, songwriter and record producer.

Full name: Paul Prenter

September 1945 (45 years obsolete)

Died: 1991

Birthplace: United Kingdom, London, England

Nationality: British

Parents: Not available

Children: Not available

1.75 meters

Siblings: Not available

Wife • Husband: single

Girlfriend; Relationship: N/A

Job Title: Talent Manager or A&R

Worth: 2.5 Million US Dollars

early years

On August 1, 1946, Paul Prenter was born in London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

He was also a citizen of England and held British citizenship.

Other than that, there are no specifics on his date of birth, parents, siblings or childhood.

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However, we suppose that when he was a young child, his father and mother succeeded in raising him in his hometown.


There is no information available on the academic background or ‘qualifications’ of Paul Prenter as a teacher.

In addition, we assume that he obtained his teaching certificate from a reputable English institution.

career path career path

Paul Prenter first met famous rock musician Freddie Mercury in a bar in 1975.

He quit his job and joined the band’s management staff after meeting the lead singer of The Queen. He had a special relationship with Freddie Mercury, the band’s leader, and used to help the musicians make their debuts.

The relationship between Freddie Mercury and Paul Prenter began as it should. Moreover, according to accounts, he was Freddy’s friend.

Additionally, they had a short romantic engagement that they kept a secret from public view for a number of years. When he was Freddy’s manager, he used to help Freddy with all the live performance events. The relationship between Quinn and her promoter deteriorated after the release of the album “Hot Room” in 1982.

The level of success of this album was not comparable to that of Queen’s previous albums. Paul Prenter was ultimately responsible for the album’s failure as well as Freddy, according to everyone in the band.

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The band blamed Paul Prenter for, among other management decisions, refusing to promote the record on radio. Jim Hutton claims that Paul Prenter received 32,000 kg for providing information on Freddy’s situation to a major newspaper.

He was leading a modest life as the manager of the popular band Queen. At the time of his death, Paul Prenter’s net worth was estimated to be around $2.5 Million US Dollars.