Who is he? What to Know About Florida Gen Z Nominee Resume

One of the first members of Generation Z to run for Congress was Maxwell Frost. He won the Democratic primary for Florida’s 10th Congressional District on Tuesday evening, ensuring that he will become the first member of Congress from Generation Z in the US Congress.

Frost just quit his job to pursue a more fruitful opportunity; Joining the House of Representatives of the United States certainly seems to be a good possibility in this regard.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost
Maxwell Alejandro Frost

Who exactly is Maxwell Alejandro Frost, anyway?

Maxwell Frost is a well-known American entrepreneur and businessman, and he is now a Democratic candidate for the 10th Congressional seat in Florida. On August 23, 2022, he defeated his opponent in the Democratic primary.

Maxwell cemented his position as one of the first Gen Z members to hold public office in the US House of Representatives when he won the Democratic primary for a congressional seat.

Frost’s district, which is governed by Democrats, includes most of Orlando, Maitland, and Winter Park. Frost, who will almost be old enough to take office in November, is expected to have a strong chance of winning the election.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a politician from Florida, has the opportunity to become the first congressman to represent members of Generation Z.

Maxwell will be running against two independent candidates in addition to Calvin Wimbish, a Republican and former Army Green Beret, in the upcoming election. Frost, who is 25 years old, is approaching the age when one can serve in the United States House of Representatives. Members of Generation Z will have the opportunity to run for US Congress for the first time in the 2022 midterm elections.

When asked about Frost’s programs for his presidential run, he supported a “Green New Deal,” universal health care, student loan forgiveness, and an end to gun violence.

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Wikipedia page and biography of Florida Gen Z Nominee

There are currently no entries on Maxwell Frost on Wikipedia. He was born in Florida in 1997, making him 25 years old now. He was born in the United States and was raised in the Christian faith. His main objective is to ensure that the working class, the disadvantaged, and the youth all have a voice in policy decisions.

After the horrific events that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, when Frost was still a senior in high school, she decided to participate in political activities for the first time. He has many news releases detailing his escape from another gun violence incident.

In addition to this, he outdone his competitors in terms of how their business has done well financially. A significant amount of national support from prominent progressive figures, such as Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, was also received by him.

Mr. Maxwell Frost, who is only 25 years old, is a candidate of the Democratic Party who hopes to win the election and get A seat in the parliament.

Frost was previously employed by the ACLU and March For Our Lives in the capacities of national organizing specialist and director, respectively. The candidate pledged to work to end the ecological crisis, dismantle the criminal justice system, expand access to Medicare for all, and reduce the number of gun deaths.

Frost was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant in the Civil Air Force in August of 2010, back when it was still a component of the United States Air Force. The organization continues to operate a variety of businesses, with a particular focus on management and aviation education systems. Almost two years were spent under Maxwell’s management as production manager for March for Our Lives.

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Wife and tribe, according to Maxwell Alejandro

The identity of Maxwell’s biological parents has never been discovered, which is one reason why his true ethnicity remains a mystery. He mentioned that his mother and father had a very difficult time on their journey from Cuba to Florida.

Yeja, the man’s grandmother, worked more than 70 hours each week, while the man’s mother struggled with drug addiction, criminal activity, and violent acts. In the end, he was placed in foster care because his adoptive mother could not take care of him and his five siblings at the same time.

There is a picture of Maxwell Frost with his sister, Maria Frost.

His foster parents, Patrick Frost and Maritza Arbigay Frost, took care of him while he was growing up. His mother, Maritza, is a teacher in the personal development program at Osceola County Schools. Patrick is a multifaceted musician, composer, and producer who has won awards for his work. Maria is his sister, and he is quite close to her. He and Maria have a very close relationship.

It seems that Maxwell was never married and is now single. In addition, he is not involved in any romantic speculation and instead focuses on his career. self It is quite necessary for him to win the trust of others and show his worth during this year.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost
Maxwell Alejandro Frost


My family history (Maxwell) can be traced back to Cuba, to my grandmother Yeya (Maxwell). In the early 1960s, she and my mother (Maxwell’s) took Freedom Flights from Cuba to Florida with only what they could fit in their bags and no money. My grandmother (Maxwell) was forced to accept harsh and exploitative working conditions while working in a factory in Miami for over 70 hours a week so that she could provide for her family. These factories require her to work long hours to survive.

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My biological mother (Maxwell’s), a victim of a system caught in a challenging situation, was caught in a cycle of drug use, criminal activity, and violent behavior while she was pregnant with me. She does not have access to medical care and cannot consult a doctor at any time. Because she already took care of and raised seven children, she was unable to raise and raise another child. 8th properly, so she decided to adopt me.

When I (Maxwell) was a young man, I (Maxwell) witnessed the devastation caused by gun violence in my city and I was a victim of police tactics. I have seen firsthand how people of color and working people are unfairly marginalized and left behind in our society, and I am part of both groups.


I (Maxwell) am a survivor, a leader, and a supporter, and I (Maxwell) do the following:

Served as a national leader in the gun violence prevention campaign and helped pass gun laws. important that leads to saving people’s lives.

Fought for abortion rights while working for the ACLU.

More than 1.6 million Floridians had their voting rights restored as a result of Amendment 4 thanks to the efforts of the Florida Civil Liberties Union, which he led to victory.

He was the leader of the program that encouraged people to vote, which led to a record number of young people voting and contributed to the victory of the Democratic Party in the House, Senate, and presidential elections.

Contribute to achieving an unprecedented $5 billion in defense funding Community violence included in President Biden’s proposed budget.