Who is Jacqueline Puzder, ex-wife of Len Dawson? Details of the Married Life of a Football Quarterback

Former quarterback Len Dawson found love again after his first wife, Jacqueline Puzder, died of complications related to cancer.

The National Football League holds great respect for Len Dawson as a person and as a player. He spent most of his time in American football and held the position of quarterback throughout his career.

He is a famous athlete who played in the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) for a total of 19 seasons and received numerous honors. Apart from the success he has achieved in his chosen career, he is also well known for his relationship with his ex-wife, Jacqueline Puzder.

Despite the mythical tales that surround his personal life, fans are inconsolable about the loss of their beloved star quarterback. He has served as a role model for many players’ pursuit of excellence in their careers.

Jacqueline Puzder
Jacqueline Puzder

Who is QB Len Dawson’s ex-wife Jacqueline Puzder?

In 1954, Len Dawson’s famous partner married the woman who would become his former wife. His grandmother, Jacqueline Puzder. She is the first wife of the former NFL star, who rose to fame in a hurry among his devotees because of this fact.

The former couple lived together for a long time, about twenty-four years before Jacqueline’s death in 1978. She was born in Ohio, USA, on August 3, 1937, and she died when she was 41 years old. Her hometown is Ohio.

Puzder was raised by her parents, John and Mary Ann, until the day she married Dawson, the man she loved her whole life. She became the mother of two beautiful children, Lisa and Len Dawson Jr., after she got married and started her own family.

The Quarterback star and Jacqueline have been together since they were students at “Alliance High School,” when they were high school sweethearts. Due to the fact that they kept things private for a long time before making their relationship official, their love story is a combination of excitement and happiness.

Unfortunately, his first wife left this world after enduring the pain of chronic illness and a stroke before she died.

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Ex-wife Jacqueline Puzder was Len Dawson’s high school sweetheart, and he eventually married her.

Len Dawson Net Worth At Death

At the time of his death, it is believed that Len Dawson had a net worth of approximately $10 million. He is a former quarterback in the United States National Football League and has worked in the sport for a long time.

In 1966, after his retirement from a successful career, he began working for KMBC-TV in Kansas City in the capacity of sports director. Additionally, he became the host of the HBO show Inside the NFL in 1977 and remained in that role until 2001.

Due to his years of experience and success in the NFL field, it is reasonable to assume that he has accumulated a great deal of wealth throughout his life. As a result of his wide popularity, he has been linked with different brands as sponsors.

Despite the fact that Dawson has kept his silence about the size of his fortune, it is possible that he still owns stocks, real estate, and other investment properties.

Meet Len Dawson Daughter Anne Dawson & Son Len Dawson Jr

After his first marriage, which was with Jacqueline Puzder, Len Dawson became the father of two children. His family includes a daughter named Anne Dawson and a son named Len Dawson Jr.

In 1955, he became a father to his daughter Anne, and in 1960, he became a father to his son. In the current era, all of Len’s children are adults who choose a quiet life because of their values.

However, as a result of his death, they were left in turmoil and are currently going through the process of mourning for their beloved father.

In addition, there is no evidence that QB and his second wife, Linda Louise, ever had children together, although QB remarried and Linda Louise became his second wife.

Len Dawson is pictured here with his children, his son Len Dawson Jr. and his daughter Anne Dawson.

As Len Dawson’s passing draws near, tributes continue to pour in

On August 24, 2022, Len Dawson was taken from us too soon. The news of his death was announced to his followers and the general public by his family.

Due to his rapidly deteriorating health, he was cared for in a nursing home. In addition, his followers also paraded around various social media.

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Since 1991, Dawson has been treated for prostate cancer.

Who is Jacqueline Puzder, ex-wife of Len Dawson? Details of the Married Life of a Football Quarterback
Len Dawson

College career Len Dawson

During Dawson’s recruiting process, he was presented with the choice of attending Ohio State University in Columbus or Purdue University in Indiana. Despite the fact that he was reluctant to adopt Woody Hayes’s split-T offense with the Buckeyes, the real reason he chose Purdue was because of the relationship he established with assistant coach Hank Stram, which was the beginning of a friendship. to last for more than half a century.

In 1954, Dawson’s first year as the Boilermakers’ quarterback, he was the most efficient passer in the NCAA as a sophomore. In addition to playing defense and kicking for the team, he also led the NCAA in throwing efficiency. After leading his team to a 31-0 victory over Missouri State, in which he threw four touchdown passes behind a solid offensive line, he later had a big success against Notre Dame, who had entered the game 13 games earlier. with the game.

Dawson passed for over 3,000 yards in each of his three seasons (1954-1956) with the Boilermakers, and as such, he led the Big Ten Conference in that record each of those years. During the 1956 campaign, he was honored with a third-place finish on the All-American team. gone During the 1955 and 1956 seasons, he was a first team All-Big Ten Quarterback selection.

Dawson went through the initiation process to become a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity while he was a student at Purdue.

Len Dawson’s occupation

Pittsburgh Steelers

Dawson was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the 1957 NFL Draft; However, he failed to make a significant contribution to the team during his time there. After the conclusion of his first season with the organization, his standing with the Steelers became more clear when, in early 1958, the team added future Hall of Famer Bobby Layne.

The Cleveland Browns are mentioned here

On December 31, 1959, Dawson was included in a trade with the Cleveland Browns. Dawson was only able to complete 21 passes for 204 yards and two touchdowns during his five seasons playing in the NFL before he was released. This is despite the fact that he had a difficult time competing against Browns quarterback Milt Plum.

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Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs are two teams

Dawson joined the Dallas Texans of the American Football League on June 30, 1962, after signing with the team. Because of the relocation, he was able to connect with Stram, who at the time was beginning his third season as the head coach of the Texans.

In 1962, the Sporting News named Dawson the AFL’s Most Valuable Player. That same year, Dawson led the league in touchdowns and yards per attempt, and he also led the league in yards per attempt. In addition, he piloted Dallas to the first of three league championships, which came in the form of two surprising wins against the Oilers in Houston, who were the defending champions for the past two seasons. During their victory, which came with a score of 20-17, Dawson directed the offense who controlled the ball and threw a touchdown pass to halfback Abner Haynes covering 28 yards.

In 1963, after moving to Kansas City in the north of the country, the team changed its name to the Chiefs.

Dawson is a mobile quarterback who can throw with pinpoint accuracy. His movement helped him thrive in Stram’s “switch bag” strategy. He would go on to win four AFL championships and be selected as a league All-Star six times, finishing his run as the top-scoring running back in league history after playing for a full decade. Between 1962 and 1969, Dawson was the only quarterback in the history of professional football to throw more touchdown passes (182) than him. In 1966, Dawson was the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and led his team to an 11-2-1 record as well as a 31-7 victory over the Buffalo Bills in the American Football League. This victory gave Dawson’s team the right to represent the American Football League (AFL) in Super Bowl I, the first championship game between the AFL and their rivals in the NFL. Super Bowl I was played at Yankee Stadium in New York. Dawson had a decent performance, completing 16 of 27 passes for 210 yards and one touchdown, but also throwing one interception. The Green Bay Packers, the defending NFL champions, won comfortably with a score of 35-10. Dawson was named a member of the Sporting News 1966 AFL All-League Team as voted by his fellow players.