Who is Jonathan Welch? man kills his mother, father and girlfriend czech mugshots

The scale of crime today is constantly increasing throughout the world because such deadly things are spreading so widely that I can’t tell you that almost every time these issues have been fatal to a few people. Similar heat again in Highland Park, Michigan, where Jonathan Welch, the man accused of violently torturing his girlfriend, was released on bail and served a few hours. She and her stepfather were also buried inside with their mother. Below you can find everything you need to know with a butcher knife.

According to special reports or sources, the tragedy happened a few months back when he committed fatal crimes against his neighbors. The abuse began on June 2 when he brutally attacked his girlfriend, Zlaia Frazier, with whom he shares a home. But that was not enough, as the line of the eyes was even worse and so everyone was shocked, because it is too bad to go this way. And he strangled the woman with a stretched cord, and burned her with a sharp spade of gasoline.

As soon as the perpetrators knew about the crime, they rushed to protect the victims, but when they got there, the breathless attacks were enough to talk about all the wounds. So they are in the beginning.

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