Who Is Junet Mohamed ?Is HeArrested In 2022? Suna East Member Of National Assembly Hate Speech And Bio

Who is Junit Muhammad, was he arrested in 2022? National Assembly member Suna Al Sharq hates speech and biography

A Kenyan politician named Jeunet Mohamed was arrested in 2016 for his hate speech against certain communities. After being re-elected as a Member of Parliament for Suna East in August 2022, he began making news again.

As a Member of Parliament for Sona East Constituency in Megure County, he represents you. The Orange Democratic Movement is a political organization to which he belongs. He holds the position of minority leader in the National Assembly and made history by being the first Kenyan Somali to gain a seat in the Nyanza region.

Junit Muhammed

Junit Muhammed

Will Jounieh Mohamed be arrested in 2022?

This is the first year for Junet that he has not been imprisoned, however he did spend 2016 in prison over a controversial remark he made in 2016. In July of 2017, he was arrested after reports emerged that he had made insensitive statements.

When the MP appeared in court in 2017, the lead judge in the Houma Bay Courts, Susan Ndegwa, charged him with hate speech and incitement to violence. The trial took place in 2017.

He was allowed to be released after he fought the claims and presented a cash bond of 100,000 shillings. The MP for Sona East is alleged to have made statements aimed at inciting hostility, contempt and prejudice against people living in Nyeri on the basis of their ethnicity.

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Omar Gaunt Mohamed and Biography:

On October 25, 1977, Sheikh Noah Muhammad and his family, who were originally from Mandera district but now make their home in Megure, where he has a business, became parents to Gaunt. Junit Muhammed, a politician from Kenya, is the one who is now the representative of Sona East in Megure County.

He is the first Kenyan Somali to gain a parliamentary seat in the Nyanza region, and also serves as a minority leader in the National Assembly. This makes him the first Kenyan Somali to achieve any of these feats. He is an advocate of the ODM political movement as a supporter. The first part of Muhammad’s education was completed in Megure Primary School, then he moved to Lenana School for his secondary education.

He was the first Kenyan Somali to be elected in the Nyanza region since he was born and raised there, and also because he had many acquaintances and connections in the region. He won another term in the elections that took place in August 2017. After that, he rose to the positions to become the minority leader in the National Assembly, and he has a close relationship with Raila Odinga, the leader of the party. design party.

Explanation of Hate Speech Allegations Muhammad’s Paradise

Allegations have been made against Junet due to his rude and dangerous statements he made in front of the public. During his 2017 court appearance, the MP was accused of using hate speech and inciting violence. He was allowed to be released after he appealed the charges and paid a bond of 100,000 shillings. According to reports, the MP for Sona East made statements with the intent of inciting prejudice, hatred and discrimination against Nyeri residents on the basis of their ethnicity.

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Despite this, he still enjoys wide support, as evidenced by the fact that he won re-election as a Member of Parliament for the Sona East constituency earlier this month. He currently holds the position of Minority Leader in the National Assembly where he was elected to this role. Junette won the race against five other contenders with 26,516 votes. There were approximately 54,495 registered voters, and approximately 74% of them participated in the elections.

Jaunt Muhammad, who was first elected to the position of Member of Parliament for Sona East in 2013, will serve in this capacity for a third consecutive term. During the presidential election, Raila Odinga, the candidate of the Kenyan Azimio La Umoja-One Alliance, received 38,391 votes, while Dr. William Ruto, the candidate of the UDA, received 2,128 votes. David Moore, president of the AGANO party, and Professor George Wajakoyah, the presidential candidate for the Roots party, each received 74 votes. Professor George Wajakoya received 27 votes.

Junit Muhammed

Junit Muhammed


Junet was born on October 25, 1977 in Migori Prefecture, where he also spent his childhood.


Junet was born into the family of Sheikh Noah Muhammad, who moved his family from Mandera County to Migori in order to set up a business there. Junit is named after Sheikh Nuh Muhammad. All of his family are Muslims, and he is the second son of his family to be born.

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After completing his primary school at Megure Primary School, Muhammad continued his education at Lenana School until he could complete his secondary education. After some time, he attended the University of Nairobi and eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration there.

career path career path

After being appointed to this position in 2003, he worked as a city councilor for Megure.

In 2013, he was successfully elected to the position of Member of Parliament for Sona East on the ODM platform, which marked the beginning of his official political career. Because he was born and raised in the area, he had an extensive network of contacts and acquaintances there, which helped him win the election as the first Kenyan Somali to hold a position in the Nyanza region.

In the elections held in August 2017, he won another term. In subsequent years, he rose through the ranks to become the leader of the minority party in the National Assembly.

He recently revealed that getting close to leader Raila Odinga is the key to his success in avoiding political contradictions and impeachment proceedings.


They have five children, and the parliamentarian is married to Deka Jameh, who is also a Muslim.

net value

Junet, like the majority of Members of Parliament, receives a whopping stipend of 532,000 Kenyan shillings in addition to allowances paid to leaders.