Who Is Riley Dandy? That’s Amor Actress Is Making Impressions On Netflix Movie

The well-known American actress and model is Riley Dandy. Her performances in Amores Flores- A Queer Novela (Short), Rooted (Short), Interceptor 2022, That’s Amor (2022), and A California Christmas- City Lights 2021 earned her recognition.

She is a talented young American actress who has appeared on a number of Netflix shows.

Dandy has also been involved in a number of commercials, including those for Google, Honda, Charter Communications, and Kmart.

She has worked as an actress in plays such as The Laramie Project and A Family Affair. Excellent comments have been made about Riley Dandy’s role in the Netflix movie. This is love.

Riley Dandy

Riley Dandy


This is Omar- Who is Riley Dandy?

Riley Dandy is an American actress best known for her roles in A California Christmas- City Lights, Kappa Crypto, and That Amor (2022). (2021).

Riley’s performance in That Amor received an overwhelming enthusiastic response from the audience. Romantic comedians include Riley Dandy, Daniel Edward Moura, and Isaac Gonzalez Rossi. This is a Sean Paul Piccino Amore movie.

Dandy has over five years of experience working professionally in the entertainment industry. In addition, she has had the opportunity to work with a number of well-known people, including Diana Dinsmore and Zizou Arvizo.

In the 2013 short film Temple of the Triassic, Dandy first appeared as Daphne. She also portrayed Natalie Jones in Double Play.

Riley graduated in 2014 from the audition-only program at LACC for three years. She is a representative of Commercial Talent, a corporation in Los Angeles, California.

Riley Dandy Age- How old is she?

Riley Dandy appears to be between 25 and 30 years old. Her exact date of birth is unknown.

American-born Riley Dandy was raised in central Los Angeles, California. She is of white/European descent and has American citizenship.

However, she stands at 5 7 and weighs between 50 and 55 kg. In 2014, Dandy received his diploma.

After completing her studies, Dandy began working in the film industry, and in 2015, her first feature film was released.

Boyfriend Riley Dandy

Boyfriend Riley Dandy

Riley Dandy’s relationship

Denise and Riley Dandy are romantically involved. The actress routinely posts photos of her husband on her Instagram account.

Riley didn’t talk much about her boyfriend, but she uploaded a picture of the two celebrating his birthday on May 19, 2022. “For Denise’s birthday, we both got engaged,” she wrote.

Both seem satisfied, and the Dandy man appears to be calm. Dandy has shared many photos of herself with her partner, but she did not tag her boyfriend in any of the photos.

As at the time of writing, they are still dating and not yet married. Dandy may eventually reveal details about her marriage to Denise.

Riley Dandy Net Worth 2022

Thedeli Biography estimates that Riley Dandy’s net worth ranges between $100,000 and $600,000. Her main source of income comes from her acting work.

Dandy has also appeared in a number of commercials for companies such as Google, Honda, Charter Communications, and Kmart.

She continues to be active on Instagram as a goodbyeriley. She has 4,467 followers and 469 posts. She posts pictures from her personal and professional life to keep her Instagram followers updated.

Riley Dandy’s career

Before moving into the entertainment industry, Dandy started her career in the fashion industry as a model. She is considered one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Riley has an extensive resume of acting credits to his name.

The portrayal of Maddie Sullivan in the TV series Kappa Krypto has put Riley at the forefront of the entertainment industry in the United States. Riley is a talented artist. A California Christmas- Metropolis Lights, the sequel to A California Christmas, will feature her as one of the lead characters in the next movie.

Actress Dandy has also been seen in commercials for Google, Honda, Constitution Communications, and Kmart, among others. In addition to her work in the theater, she has played roles in films including “A Family Illicit Relationship”, “The Laramie Undertaking” and others.

Over the past five years, Dandy has been professionally associated with several media stores. She also had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of notable personalities, such as Diana Dinsmore and Zizou Arvizo, among others.

The actress is now working on a number of new projects, most notably Amores Flores- A Queer Novela and Rooted. She will likely finish her projects earlier than expected.

Riley is an artist, and his Wikipedia article is currently under maintenance and revision. Anyway, we will get to know the nuances of her movie by looking at IMDb. In addition to acting, singing is something that Dandy is interested in.

Dandy made her acting debut in the 2013 short film Triassic Temple, in which she portrayed the role of Daphne. The movie was her first role. In the movie Double Play, she also portrayed the role of Natalie Jones.

Additionally, in 2016, Riley was seen in the movie Birthday in a Dark Room. Her other acting credits include roles in Once Upon a Time, Vermin City, and Collar, among others. In addition, it is a member of SAG-AFTRA both as an individual and as a company.

Additionally, business experts in Los Angeles, California cater to Dandy’s. 2014 was also Dandy’s graduation year. After completing her education, she went on to develop her successful career in the entertainment industry, and in 2015, her first movie came out.

A California Christmas- City Lights 2021, A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane 2019, Kappa Crypto (TV Series) 2018, The City of Gold 2018, and Too Careful (Short) 2018 are some of the other notable projects she has appeared in. Plus her next short film, “Amores Flores- A Queer Novela”, rooted in the (short) weird novel genre. Intercept 2022.

Riley Dandy Net Worth

There was no specific information available about actress Riley Worth. Riley Dandy’s fortune is estimated at between 100 thousand and 600 thousand dollars, according to various magazine blogs and social networking sites.

Riley Dandy movie and TV series

Amores Flores- A Queer Novela (short) (post-production)
rooted (short) (post-production)
The Interceptor (Post-Production) 2022
Christmas in California- City Lights 2021
AK*ss on Candy Cane Lane 2019
Kappa Krypto (TV series) 2018
City of Gold 2018
Extremely cautious (short) 2018
Fermin City 2017
Collar (short) 2016
OverAgain (short) 2016
Birthday in the Darkroom (Short) 2016
Double Play (TV Movie) 2015
Triassic Temple (short) 2013 … see more


➢ Raw Theater Awards 2014.
➢ Best Female Comedy Performance.
➢ Stage Raw Award for Comedy Performance at The Classical Theater Lab’s “A Family Affair 2013.
➢ KCACTF Irene Ryan Scholarship Awards.
Theatrical performance award at the college level.
➢ Reached a KCACTF Finalist in the Erin Ryan Scholarship Awards for LACC Productions “The Comedy of Errors”.