Who is Rong Liu? Daycare owner arrested for child abuse after ‘pulling head and neck’ of 3-year-old boy

According to the latest reports, the owner and director of a Florida day school was arrested on Friday, August 19, 2022. He was taken into custody after authorities learned that a child was being abused at the institution. The author Rong LI is known as Liu. Deputies reportedly investigated the matter for two months and learned that Liu had physically abused children in his care at the Imaginationland Children’s Academy in Odessa. Let’s see more about this in the article below.

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According to detectives, Liu tried to put the baby to sleep and pushed and pulled the victim’s head and neck with his hand. As a result, the sheriff said that the woman was seen trying to hold the child by placing both legs on top of the child’s body. The victim was seen crying and shaking her legs throughout the incident as the girl was being abused.

The first reports of child abuse by Liu at his daycare were reported to the police on June 20. Although the authorities did not arrest him there and then began to investigate whether he was there or not. really to be blamed. After a two-month long investigation, they finally learned that the children were being abused, and according to this, the authorities took Rong Liu into custody this Friday.

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Reports confirm that the woman has been accused of…

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