Who Is Sean Palmieri? Polly Brindle’s Rumored Boyfriend, Meet Her Ex-Husband

Rumor has it that Sean Palmieri and Polly Brindel are dating. As was evident in the first episode of Sale the OC, the person had a great friendship.

The much awaited Sunset Sale series is now available. Sale OC, a Netflix original series that debuted August 24, follows 11 real estate salespeople who work at the Oppenheim Group office in Orange County.

Although Los Angeles was undoubtedly glamorous, Southern California had so much more to offer. The concept and setting of the presentation is said to be unlike anything viewers have ever seen.

One of the ardent clients you’ll meet this season is Polly Brendel, the hilarious former British model. “I had a great first year in the field. It was crazy,” she says.

In an interview with Women’s Health conducted prior to the film’s release, Polly talked about her childhood, how she came to feel at home in the O Group, her feud with Alexandra, and other topics, including that beach scene.

Poly Brindel

Poly Brindel


quick Facts

Full name Poly Brindel
hometown North West England
profession Real estate
Marital Status absolute

Who is Sean Palmieri? Polly Brindel’s rumored friend

The relationship between Sean Palmieri and Polly Brindle was evident in the first episode of the first season of “Selling the OC”. It came from a scene they both had together at Alex Hall’s party at her house.

They constantly cheered each other on, giving the impression that they were companions. When Jarvis told Shawn that Polly had indicated that she hated her, Shawn commented that Polly was the friendliest person in the company.

It is interesting to note that Sean approached Alexandra Jarvis and urged her to make things right during a sweet Geo Casino night, when the feud between Polly and Alexandra Jarvis was at its height.

Since the beginning of the first season of “OC Sale”, there have been various rumors about the nature of their relationship, but we can say with confidence that they are just close friends and are not involved in a sexual relationship.

They both routinely go on picnics with their friends. Around Memorial Day 2022, the two enjoyed a beautiful weekend together. Some of the well-known relationships are depicted in the sunset sale and conifer sale groups.

Realtors Sean and Polly seem to get along in their first few months of working with the Oppenheim Group. Co-workers still commonly appear on each other’s work and social media.

Polly Brindel talks about her ex-husband on the show

In one episode of the show, Polly Brindel spoke with her ex-husband about her marriage and divorce.

At a group lunch on the first episode of the show, she admitted that she got married in her twenties. However, she made it clear that she was behaving like a wife and performing traditional marital duties.

When Austin asked if she and her ex-boyfriend had broken up because they both wanted to “go their separate ways,” Polly replied that it was more dramatic than that.

Polly was particularly angry about Kayla Cardona’s treatment of married co-star Tyler Stannaland on the show due to her own experience of infidelity.

Despite the fact that Polly did not mention her husband in the Netflix series, her Instagram account gives details about who he is.

In January 2017, Polly published a post on the site in memory of Stephen Wolfe. In an article she posted for his 40th birthday, she referred to it as “his birthday.”

Polly Brindel has started studying for her real estate license

Polly Brindel has started studying for her real estate license

How much is a poly brindle net worth in 2022?

Polly Brendel is believed to possess an astounding net worth of around $1 million. Her work as a real estate agent and the modeling jobs she started doing at the age of 15 are the reasons behind this.

Brindle started her career early. When she was only 15 years old, she was noticed by modeling agencies. She is also working as a model, real estate agent, and reality TV star at the moment.

Since they work with realtors, the majority of the cast on Show and Sell Sunset are well-to-do. Polly now competes in the show against millionaires.

In places like London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona for the past 20 years, I’ve worked for brands like Lancome, Dior and Aston Martin. She has also resided in major design cities around the world.

However, I also enjoyed the engineering and composition. Later in her life, Polly became a real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group and is now a member of the cast on their TV show Selling The O.C.

Polly Brindle Wiki, Net worth, Age, Boyfriend, Spouse, Height, Parents & More

real name Polly Brindel.
in Limelight Sale of OC (2022).
profession realtor.
an actress.
age 36.
Date of Birth April 1, 1986.
place of birth Northern England.
sex feminine.
nationality British.
Horoscope cancer.

Polly Brindel, born April 1, 1986, is an exceptional real estate agent and one of the stars of the Netflix TV series “Selling The O.C.” She is one of 11 agents of the Oppenheim Group who handle all real estate related events. The show addresses buyers and dealers as they embark on a wild adventure of selling beach homes in Orange County, California. The show tracks agents as they sell beach homes. Polly was a famous international model and actress who appeared in films such as “Rush”, “The Glass Man” and “Sovereign”. Polly worked as a real estate agent.

previous life

Polly Brindle, Estate Agent with 36 Years of Experience Born on 1st April 1986, has spent her entire life in the North of England. She recently became a US citizen on March 18. Polly is not the type of person who discusses her private life in the public eye, nor does she talk about any of the details about her family.

However, there are a few posts on her Instagram that reveal that she has two brothers, a sister named Lucy Elaine Brindel and a younger brother; However, nothing is known about her parents. The identities of her parents are still unknown. As with all her educational credentials, she doesn’t like to have a public profile, and she values ​​her privacy.


Brindle started her business at a young age. Modeling companies discovered her when she was just 15 years old. During her time living and working in the design capitals of the world, such as London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona, ​​she developed an interest in architecture and composition. She has over 20 years of experience working for companies such as Lancome, Dior and Aston Martin, and has worked in places such as London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona.

Not all. She was also a part of the film industry for a while; In 2004, she appeared in a short film called “Punch”, and after a long time, she subsequently got a role in “The Glass Man” and “Rush”. Then she did two short films called “Jingle Dead II” and “Sovereign”. Not all. It was just one aspect of her career. Later, Polly is currently featured in Oppenheim Group’s “O.C. Sale” after starting her career as a real estate agent with Oppenheim Group.

personal life

Rumors spread about the marriage of this multi-talented Realtor to her boyfriend Stephen Wolf. The two were seen together on her social media, and she has also referred to him as her “husband” on a few occasions, but nothing has been confirmed regarding this news. They were seen together on her social media.

She was spotted with Sean Palmieri recently, and despite the fact that they are five years apart, the two make for an attractive couple. Sean is also a realtor, and is a member of the cast that appears on The OC Sale. He is often visible on Polly’s Instagram along with other people from the series. However, let’s not jump to any conclusions yet because nothing has been proven. In the meantime, let’s not forget that Polly has a dog named Moss.