Who Is Trey Elling? Details To Know About The KTXX-FM Host

A US radio broadcaster and podcaster named Trey Elling is not yet listed on Wikipedia. He is well-known in the United States as the presenter of the Texas-based, for-profit FM radio station KTXX-FM.

He developed the idea of podcasting, where he would invite authors of various novels to appear as guests and interview them about their writing process and personal experiences. People adore the moniker Books On Pod he chose for his campaign.

Trey Elling

Trey Elling

KTXX-FM- Who Is Trey Elling?

Trey is the creator of Books on Pod and a host on the Austin, Texas-based radio station KTXX-FM. He prefers to maintain a low profile and steer clear of being approached by the media for an interview. On the broadcast, he does, however, share his intriguing life experiences with the guests and other podcasters.

He presents a number of shows. It is KTXX-FM, also known as The Horn, a Texas-based radio station. It is Bee Cave, a commercial FM radio station with a Texas broadcasting license that targets the Greater Austin radio market. The station’s owner, Genuine Austin Radio, runs a sports radio format.

On the western outskirts of Austin, State Highway 71 is home to the KTXX-FM transmitter. The station’s offices and studios are located in Loop 360 in Southwest Austin.

Trey Elling’s Wikipedia Age Age Details

The voice of Books On Pod and a crucial component of KTXX-FM, Trey Elling. He never revealed his facts to the audience, but he has told a lot of stories that he finds motivational and instructive. Although he hasn’t yet given his age, we can infer that he is in his mid- to late-thirties based on his appearance.

He enjoys literature a lot. Growing up, Trey Elling discovered a love of literature, which led to the realization of his dream to work in talk radio.

That goal was accomplished in Austin, Texas, in 2000, with stops also made in Chicago, Oregon, and, eventually, back in Austin. While doing a daily radio show in 2018, Trey found a new passion- conversing with authors about their work. Books on Pod was launched a year later.

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What Is Trey Elling’s Net Worth And Salary?

Elling enjoys reading and recording podcasts. He has turned it into a career, and he is becoming better every day. He has never discussed the investment he made to start his business, nor has he mentioned anything about his financial holdings.

However, based on his upload volume and other behaviors, we can infer he earns at least $100,000,000. He has stated in the open that he is only involved in two projects. He frequently mentions Books On Pod as one of his greatest aspirations, and he finds it really satisfying to watch his vision come to fruition and do well.

Trey Elling Is Happily Married To His Wife Justine Hayes Elling With Two Kids

Trey Elling Is Happily Married To His Wife Justine Hayes Elling With Two Kids

Trey Elling Wife And Family Life

The American radio personality seldom speaks publicly about his family members since he prefers to preserve his private information within the family. However, his Facebook activities made his wife’s identity known. He is wed to Justine Hayes Elling, a gorgeous woman.

The couple, who has been blessed with two children, most likely resides in Austin, Texas. His Facebook posts indicate that they were married in 2013 in front of his parents and other relatives.

He values both his work and his family equally. He may not want his personal and work lives to overlap, so he avoids talking about them with anyone. His work on Book On A Pod is greatly admired. Trey reads every book for the podcast and notes questions in the margins as he reads. The result is a serious, organized, and entertaining conversation with an author about any subject Trey finds fascinating.

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Information about Trey Elling’s age from Wikipedia

Trey Elling is known to the public as the host of KTXX-Books FM’s On Pod and is an integral element of the station. He never shared any information that could be considered factual with the audience, but he did share a lot of stories that he believed were motivational and instructive. We don’t know how old he is just yet, but judging by the way he appears, he must be in his middle to late thirties at the very latest.

He spends a lot of his free time reading. Trey Elling’s passion for reading began at a young age, and as he got older, he worked hard to make his childhood ambition of being a talk show host come true.

This objective was accomplished at a station in Austin, Texas, perhaps around the year 2000. After there, there were other trips in Oregon and Chicago before arriving back in Austin. In 2018, as Trey was hosting a daily radio show, he discovered a new interest- having conversations with writers about their work. After a period of one year, the enterprise known as Books on Pod was established.