Who was Glenn Hirsch? Queens ‘Duck Sauce Killer’ found dead upon release on bail

On the 30th of April, 2022, Glenn Hirsch was in Queens, New York, when he shot and killed a guy. The tragic victim of the hate crime was Zhiwen Yan, age 45, who worked as a delivery man for the Chinese restaurant Great Wall. Zhiwen Yan was targeted because of his ethnicity.

While Yan was working as a delivery driver in the exclusive community of Forest Hills, Hirsch, also known as the “Duck Sauce Killer,” followed him around and eventually shot and killed him. He was taken into custody and accused of murder as well as possession of a dangerous weapon.

On Friday, the body of Glenn Hirsch was discovered inside his home, even though he was free on bail at the time. It has been reported that he shot himself in the head multiple times before taking his own life. His passing occurred shortly before the court hearing that was scheduled for the following morning.

The investigation has led the police to assume that he took his own life. A lengthy suicide note in which the suspect absolves himself of the accusations that were brought against him was discovered by the authorities alongside his body. He denied any role in the murder of Yan and said that the verdict was rendered too quickly. He said that he was aware that he would be found guilty by the court, but he stated that he did not want to spend the rest of his life incarcerated. In the letter, Glenn Hirsch wrote:

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In addition to this, he asserted that his wife, Dorothy Hirsch, was blameless. Dorothy Hirsch was charged with eight counts of unlawful possession of weapons after police officers seized at least eight pistols and ammo from her property in Briarwood. The firearms and ammunition were found at Dorothy Hirsch’s home.

In November 2021, while Glenn Hirsch was ordering dinner from a Chinese restaurant in New York City, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the insufficient amount of duck sauce that was provided with his meal. The customer, who was 51 years old at the time, nursed this animosity until it culminated in the callous assassination of Zhiwen Yan, who was a delivery driver and the father of three children in April 2022.

On June 8, Hirsch’s brother secured his release from jail, putting an end to the widespread anxiety and concern that had gripped the local town of Forest Hills. The following is what the proprietor of the establishment in question said to The Post:

Even though Glenn Hirsch was ordered to comply by a variety of limitations, such as keeping his distance from the restaurant and the mourning family of the deceased, the restaurant’s owner, Ken Yang, lived in constant terror for his personal safety as well as the safety of his staff. He had said:

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Following several months of targeted harassment, the murder was carried out. Melinda Katz, the district attorney for Queens, gave the following statement to the New York Daily News regarding the case:

Even further, the manager of the Great Wall restaurant has been quoted as saying that Glenn Hirsch’s attack was motivated by racial tension. Everyone in the neighbourhood was taken aback by Hirsch’s decision to end his own life. The unexpected change of events enraged Ken Yang, and he voiced his frustration with it. In the midst of his demand for responses, he stated:

However, the question that hasn’t been answered yet is how Glenn Hirsch was able to get his hands on a pistol while at the same time being subject to the stringent restrictions that the court had placed on him.