Who Was She? Where is Steven Podkulski, Jennifer Boyd Murderer Now? Case Updates

Jennifer Boyd Murder: Who was she? Where are Stephen Podkolsky and Jennifer Boyd the killer now? Status updates

The death of Jennifer Boyd, discovered in August 2002 inside a storage locker at the facility where she worked as a manager, sent shockwaves through the community of Bedford Park, Illinois. Even after 18 months of investigation, the police were unable to come up with any clues, and the case remained unsolved for twelve years after that. After discovering additional evidence in 2014, the authorities finally arrested the perpetrator of the murder.

On the Case With Paula Zahn: Terror in Bedford Park documents the investigation’s discovery of the case in a clear and concise manner, helping viewers understand the timeline as well as the investigation process. We’ve got you covered if you’re interested in knowing the details, such as the identity of the person who committed the crime and their current location. Then, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Jennifer Boyd

Jennifer Boyd

How did Jennifer Boyd die?

Jennifer Boyd, a native of Seeb, Illinois, received her BA in Social Work from Lewis University. Jennifer Boyd is the daughter of Susan Boyd. The individual, who was 27 at the time of the accident, was working as a property manager at Bedford Park Public Storage. She was known for being open and charitable to everyone around her. Boyd has maintained a strong relationship with her mother and sister, Rebecca. Recalling her, her friend and fellow student Kristen Morris said, “It was so much fun. I just miss her. She was blessed with a great sense of humor.”

On August 3, 2002, at about 6:15 p.m., a person who made a strange observation in a general store called the Bedford Park Police Department. Immediately after receiving the call, firefighters were dispatched to the site at 6990 West 79th Street to assist the person trapped inside the locker. James Burke, a police officer, later testified that they arrived in the area after receiving a distress call about someone hearing a loud noise and “maybe help, help” from inside the locker. The call was received after they received the location.

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On closer examination, police found Boyd lying “face down in a pool of blood” with two “swipe marks” on the buttocks of her pants, one on each side. The woman’s wallet, which contained her credit card, was not found anywhere at the scene. Boyd’s autopsy results revealed that she had suffered several stab wounds prior to her death. Upon further inquiry, it was revealed that Boyd had been stabbed and then remained locked inside the closet for nearly two hours while she was screaming for help and knocking on the door.

According to files kept by the Illinois Department of Corrections, Stephen had a history of burglary and burglary convictions dating back to 1993 and occurring in multiple counties. In 2009, he was convicted of burglary and sentenced to 10 years in prison, which he served at Stateville Correctional Center in Christhill. After serving the equivalent of half of his sentence, he was granted parole in December of 2014. Immediately after his arrest, he was charged with premeditated murder in connection with the Boyd case. The Cook County Court had set the bond at $3 million.

In 2014, to mark the twelfth anniversary of Boyd’s death, her sister, Rebecca Hernandez, gathered with friends and relatives in Bedford Park to commemorate the young woman. In memory of Jenny Boyd, approximately fifteen mourners released nine dozen pink balloons into the air. As her sister addressed the crowd, she said, “Although today is a celebration of Jenny’s life, it cannot pass without it being said that the monsters responsible for her death roam the streets freely.” While the course of our lives has changed irreversibly, their lives continue as usual. Even after all these years, we still believe that the perpetrators of these crimes will be identified and brought to justice.

Jennifer Boyd

Jennifer Boyd

Who killed Jennifer Boyd?

Police have prepared an infographic based on the testimonies of several witnesses, which depicts a light-skinned black man, between the ages of 35 and 40, wearing wire-rimmed glasses as the likely culprit. In addition, Bedford Park Public Storage offered a $25,000 prize to any confidential source who provided information that led to the arrest of those responsible for the theft. However, despite the best efforts of the Suburban Southern Major Crime Task Force and the Bedford Park Police Department, the investigation was unable to uncover any possible leads in the search for the killer. But by 2004, the investigation into the crime had been abandoned for lack of suspects or reasonable evidence.

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It would be another eight years before the Bedford Police Department reopened the investigation again in 2012. Authorities were able to identify two people important to Boyd’s murder, twelve years after his death. Detective Andy Smuskiewicz, one of the investigators working on the case, shared the following statement: “We are working (on) different leads.” It is undoubtedly an evil and heinous act of violence. We paid her a great deal of attention.” After going back to interviews over a decade ago, investigators have identified Stephen Podkolsky, now 40, as a possible criminal.

According to documents filed in the case, Diane reportedly told police that in September 2002, she and ex-boyfriend Matthew Christianson and Stephen were smoking pot together when she overheard Stephen tell Matthew that he had “spoiled” the murder of a woman in the storage unit because she had surprised him. Diane went on to say that Stephen confessed to Matthew that he “pushed” her inside a storage unit and stabbed her to “calm her” when she screamed inside. Then, Stephen wiped his knife on her jeans, a piece of information the police did not disclose to the media but gave legitimacy to Diane’s statements.

The court also heard testimony from James Goble, who allegedly worked alongside Stephen in committing the burglaries and keeping proceeds in storage facilities, and Diane, who was an ex-boyfriend of one of Stephen’s friends. Both of these individuals are accused of working alongside Stephen in committing burglaries and keeping the proceeds in storage facilities. According to documents filed in the case, Diane reportedly told police that in September 2002, she and ex-boyfriend Matthew Christianson and Stephen were smoking pot together when she overheard Stephen tell Matthew that he had “spoiled” the murder of a woman in the storage unit because she had surprised him.

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Additionally, Diane confirmed that Stephen told Matthew that he “pushed” her inside a storage container and stabbed her to “calm her” when she screamed inside the unit. The fact that Stephen wiped his knife on her jeans – evidence the police supposedly did not reveal to the media and legitimized Diane’s assertions – lent support to her claims. In addition, the state presented evidence that Stephen was placed at the crime scene in bloodstained clothing. Additionally, according to records kept by the Illinois Department of Corrections, Stephen had a long history of convictions for burglary and burglary stretching back to 1993. These crimes were spread across multiple counties.

At the time, Stephen was incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, where he was serving a 10-year sentence for a 2009 burglary conviction. His parole was due in October 2014, having already served five years from prison. sentence or sentence. An arrest warrant was issued for Stephen for the first-degree murder of Boyd in October 2014, shortly after he was released from parole. The order was issued after exercising “adequate precaution”, taking into account the facts indicated above. The $3 million bond amount was determined by a Cook County judge.

Stephen Podkolsky

Stephen Podkolsky

Where can I find Stephen Podkolsky at this hour?

Stephen Podkolsky was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder in 2019 by a jury in Cook County Court. He was sentenced to two simultaneous sentences, each to 45 years in prison. Before he could be considered for parole, Stephen had to meet at least 37 years of his tenure. On May 31, 2022, he filed an appeal with the Illinois Court of Appeals; However, the appeal was dismissed, and he was convicted of the charges. According to official court records, he is currently serving his sentence at the Menard Correctional Center, with a possible release date of September 24, 2059, and an expected release date of September 24, 2062. His parole hearing is scheduled for September 24, 2059.