Why does Mongolia give a gift ‘horse’? Security Minister Rajnath Singh went on a visit, why Mongolians gave horses to PM Modi 7 years ago Defense Minister Rajnath Singh PM Narendra Modi

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Mongolia horse gift


  • Mongolia presents horses
  • given to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh
  • He settled on the horse name Tajs

Mongolia Horse Gift- India’s security minister Rajnath Singh was first gifted a horse to the country’s president, Budhwar, for his trip to Mongolia. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who visited Mongolia seven years ago, also received the gift. Singh tweeted to Budhwar with a picture of a white horse, “Special gift from my special friend in Mongolia. I have set this beautiful horse name ‘Tejas’. Thanks to President Khurelsukh. Thank you Mongolia Singh met Mongolian President Ukhnagin Khurelsukh on Tuesday to review bilateral relations.


He commented, “Ulaanbaatar Mongolian President U. Khurelsukh is a good boy. I met them back in 2018 when he visited the country in the evening. We may be able to connect and strengthen the multi-dimensional strategy with Mongolia When PM Narendra Modi visited Mongolia in 2015, his then Party C. A brown horse was vented by the Shaykhanbileg leaders. Singh on Tuesday the President of Mongolia. Khurelsukh, State Great Khural (Parliament) President G. Jandanshatar and Defense Minister General Saikhanbayar met.

Defense Minister from Mongolia on a two-day visit to the park. He will be the Eighth and Naval September Company. He will interact with Pap on September 8 in a ‘two plus two’ format. The talks are taking place nearly five months after PP Fumo Kishida traveled to India to cover the annual India-Japan Summit Conference.

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Are horses also given as gifts?

The horse occupies a central place in Mongolian culture. And here is where the need and value of daily life is seen on a formula. It has been said that “a bird without a horse is a bird of prey.” To be used for travel, herding, hunting and sport, these horses are most definitely worth it. According to one report, residents outside Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar said in a charwah, “Hum Mongols respect horses as companions by night and by day. Horses are the source of joy and glory in Mongolia.

In recent years, politicians have begun giving horses as gifts for diplomacy Traditionally the symbol of highest honor is declared culturally important in Mongolia to honor another person. Previously happened twice in 2019. Horses were then presented to Donald Trump and US Defense Secretary Mark Esper. In Mongolia, most people still live in horse-drawn carriages today. Many city-bred children go to rural areas for vacations with their parents and ride in horse-drawn carriages.

Since the arrival of cars and motorcycles, the use of horses has decreased in Mongolia since the 2000s. But cultural heritage does not end with horses in Mangalia. Used here for culture. Utna Himri was accepted by those who had the will to win the pass in Mongolia. Here in the city, keeping one’s own horse is also a way to sleep one’s back. 10000 dollars is not required to buy a horse for Amal. In recent years horses have been gifted to princes under diplomacy. As given by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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