Why was Jidian permanently banned from Twitch? check the reason

According to reports, YouTuber JiDion Adams has been banned from Twitch. He is popular for playing videos on the platform and the news of him being banned has left fans shocked. Earlier there was a ban of two weeks but later they made the Amazon streaming service a permanent ban due to “extreme harassment”. Since the announcement, it has become a topic of discussion among many people and his name has been trending all over the internet. Are you curious to know what happened to Adam and why he died? Check out the complete details here in this article.

Sources confirm that the ban was made at the time of the hate attack because of the popular Pokemon star. It is reported that many of the fans flooded the river and broke the conversation with the intention of pulling down the Moroccan-Canadian stream and content in the raid. It goes without saying that what Adams did was not acceptable and he realized that, not only his 14-day ban, but he also apologized for his mistake. However, this did not help as WILLES decided to permanently condemn her for harassment a few days later.

Although many welcomed the plan, it did not sit well with them. Taking to Twitter, Jidian Adams wrote that he is not here to talk about why he was banned because he deserved to be condemned. He went on to say that he broke his toes and deserved it all, but the point here is that he wants to be fair here. So, a wide…

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