Will it be RRR, The Kashmir Files or Rocketry? This is how India’s entry in the Oscars was selected

With the recent buzz about films like RRR, File Kashmir and Rocketry- The Nambi Effect, they are offering a chance to represent India at the Oscars next year. But experts suggest that fans are not yet overwhelmed by the hype, as the official election process is still beginning.


“The process of seeking entries will begin in early September, with the Film Federation of India (FFI) issuing invitations to all. [film] Union in India. The judges will start looking at the films on September 16 and the official entry will be announced by the end of September. That film will be submitted for the Oscars in October,” said FF General Secretary, Supran Sen.

Breaking down the entire official process of finding a country in the Oscars, FF Vice President Nitin N. Datar shares, “We don’t have a specific selection. We add new members every year, all of whom are winners of the National Film Award. While we watch a lot of films to establish an official entry, some of the producers of their entries they can directly apply to the academy if they meet the eligibility criteria.They target not only popular people but films across India.

When the jury is appointed, the names of the members have yet to be revealed. “That’s because once the name comes up, there’s a lot of pressure on people when they’re trying to influence the jury’s decisions,” Datar says.

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Now, RRR is the bigger than life time drama of SS Rajamouli.

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