Will Laura Get Together with Massimo or Nacho?

Explanation of how the next 365 days will end: Will Laura team up with Massimo or Nacho?

‘The Next 365 Days’ is the third installment in the ‘365 Days’ film series available on Netflix. It is based on the third and final book in the ‘365 Tini’ trilogy by Polish beautician and author Blanca Lipiszka. In the first film, Massimo Torricelli (Michael Morone), the head of a Sicilian organized crime family, kidnaps a woman named Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Ciegluka). He promises to keep her his prisoner for a whole year and make her fall in love during that time. In ‘365 Days: This Day’, Laura and Massimo appear to be very much in love, despite a troubled start to their relationship. However, she did not tell him that she was pregnant when her enemies targeted her and she lost the child. Eventually coming to the conclusion that Massimo is cheating on her, Laura decides to run away to an island with Nacho (Simone Sucinna), who she believes is their gardener. In further revelations, it is discovered that the man she believed to be Massimo is actually his twin brother, Adriano, and that Nacho is the son of the same enemy who stalked her in the past.

The ending of ‘365 Days: This Day’ is open-ended and suspenseful. The movie ends after Laura is shot, before deciding whether or not she will survive her injuries. The third movie proves that she has, but her feelings for Massimo seem unchanged. The time she spent with Nacho on the island had a profound effect on her, and as a result, she fell in love with him after they got together. This article will provide you with all the information you need to conclude “The Next 365 Days”. Spoilers ahead.

365 days
365 days

A summary of the plot for the next 365 days

The film’s opening scene takes place during a funeral, where Massimo and Nacho’s character’s father first meet. In these earlier moments, there is a strong allusion to the fact that Laura has passed away, which later turns out to be a red herring. Adriano is being buried today. Nacho’s father tries to calm the animosity between the two groups, reminding Massimo that a conflict between them would be too costly for either side to fight. In reaction, Massimo warns Nacho and his father not to go to Sicily and gives them one hour to pack their things and leave.

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Although she survived her tragedy, Laura remains wounded on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. Although both Massimo and her friend Olga (Magdalena Lambarska) want her life to return to normal, she finds it very frustrating to treat her like a glass statue, fragile and fragile. On a more personal level, Laura’s despair contributes to a hopeless longing for things to return to the way they were in the past. She slowly came to the conclusion that the person who had visited the island was not who she was now. The time she spent there brought about profound personal growth in her. It doesn’t take her long to figure out the reason for this behavior: she is undoubtedly in love with Nacho. One morning she wakes up thinking she’s with Nacho, when in fact she’s with Massimo, because she’s having sex dreams about him. She also has sexual fantasies about him.

Olga is having an affair with Domenico, one of Massimo’s most trusted lieutenants, but Laura tries to talk to her about her mixed feelings, but Olga is too preoccupied with her own connection to listen. Despite the fact that they spend time together, Laura has the impression that Olga is more connected to Massimo’s criminal family than she has been in recent months. This is despite the fact that they spend time together.

Laura realizes that Massimo has decided there is a problem with the situation. A little later, we see that Massimo has always known what happened on the island. While in Portugal for work-related reasons, Laura meets Nacho and Nacho’s sister Amelia. The feelings she was trying to suppress burst out of her with such vigor that she is forced to realize that she must make a choice.

365 days
365 days

365 days come to an end:

The beginning of Massimo and Laura’s relationship is marked by many suspicious events. He is the one who kidnapped her; He is a domineering, chaotic and erratic individual. The first movie received a lot of backlash due to the fundamentally toxic relationship between the two main characters, and one could say that the criticism is justified. In the first sequel, as in the second book of Lipiska’s trilogy, things were toned down considerably, and Nacho was introduced as a character. Perhaps Nacho was introduced as a character to balance Massimo and offer Laura a choice beyond the more restrictive partnership she has with the Sicilian mob boss.

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In the second movie, Laura and Nacho start a relationship with each other, although it is based on a false premise. There is no evidence that Massimo cheated on Laura, and contrary to popular belief, Nacho is not a planter but the son of a rival mob lord. After Laura is shot, the story seems to come to an abrupt halt. On the other hand, the book “The Next 365 Days” reveals that the feelings they had for each other were very real and lasted even after a long time. By approaching Laura, Nacho risks his life and that of his father, and Laura believes their marriage is on the verge of dissolution. It’s a whirlwind relationship, full of passion and hot, passionate sex, but there’s also danger lurking in the background. It’s a partnership in which Laura has agency in every decision they make together, which is one of the most important aspects to her.

Ironically, Nacho and Massimo are not that different from each other. Although he doesn’t actually kidnap Laura, in the second movie, he brings her to the island, even though he is fully aware that she is the target of an elaborate hoax. After all, he is complicit in that deception and has helped perpetuate it. He and his father decide to bring her to the island, which results in them betraying their Sicilian conspirators. Additionally, there is some doubt as to whether or not Laura is aware of the following fact in the third film: Nacho’s father was the mastermind behind the event that led to her miscarriage. In the episode titled “The Next 365 Days”, Laura proves herself right when she points out to Massimo how turbulent their existence is made by her enemies. However, she must know that the situation with Nacho will not improve in any way in this regard. He is also deeply involved in gang activities.

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The film stagnates without providing a definitive answer to the question of which path she will ultimately take. This will undoubtedly lead to rumors about the next installment. If there’s no sequel, and this is all we’ll ever get, one can only speculate as to why Netflix would do something like this.

In the novel, Massimo’s character seems to take a darker turn. Eventually, Laura ends up with Nacho and the three of them have a child together. Because of this ending, readers who seemed to enjoy the first book have expressed their displeasure with the third book. The conclusion the film gives us is undoubtedly a response to this kind of reaction. Laura realizes that Massimo has known about her affair the whole time. Despite this he took no action. She begins to have second thoughts about divorcing her husband, while also having fantasies about being in bed with both Nacho and Massimo.

In the end, Laura decides to return to Sicily and have a conversation with her husband. In order to take Laura to her home, Nacho risks his life to enter Massimo’s territory. In the car, Laura reiterates to Nacho that she needs some time to herself. The film comes to a close when they are chatting with her husband on a beach far from home. He inquires if she is back or not. Before she can even begin to answer, the credits begin to roll. Based on the trajectory of the movie and the ending the author of the source material envisioned for the story, it’s reasonable to assume that he joins Nacho. However, Netflix is ​​giving its users the chance to come to their own conclusions about which path Laura will take. Audience members have the option of choosing nachos, masimo, or both. If the audience so chooses, Laura can start over and forget about this ongoing absurdity.