Woman gives birth to Ne Jurwang children, but the two children have different fathers, eventually the woman gives birth to twins, but both children have different fathers

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Twin Kids


  • In the language of medical science, it is called heteroparental superfecundation
  • I had relationships with two people in one day
  • Two children create wellness

Two children were born to a 19-year-old young woman in Eastern Europe. This news has become a topic of discussion. Are my words still in your mind now? Many such encounters were born with two sons. You too are fine but the most you can say is that the fathers of the two boys are different. Dr. Navigation is rare enough to not match cases like this. You tell the girl’s landlords to know first that their child is born to one of their fathers.


This revelation happened after 8 months. When babies are 8 months old, they are tested for DNN. You may find that a child had an account from his father’s DNI as opposed to another’s DNN. Although the two children look alike. The young woman did not reveal her identity when this news was reported to the media.

Revealed after DNN test

According to German media reports, this incident has been reported to the state of Goa since childhood. After this test, the girl along with the Gharwals were also upset. In this relationship the girl remembers where we went that we developed a relationship with both in one day. Which is done after few hours. The young leader has been tested and joined the fight at another center after checking her test and leaving with the child. The girl said she was quite shocked by the results. I don’t know if it could be, well the two children look alike. In the birth certificate of two children, one father’s name.

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What amount of papers can be changed after similar DNN test? After knowing this information, the woman’s boyfriend has no qualms. Women crowd your boyfriend at the bar that both boys have enough importance. Can my horchos complete the tasks? When the question is asked from the woman about her father she does not give any answer.

How can fathers be different?
Dr. Reaching on the environment of abnormal pregnancy. He also notes that this is only one of 20 known cases of heteroparental superfecundation worldwide. Dr. Nende Partilic explained to news outlet G1 what he imagines happened when this single mother was fertilized by two separate males. Babies share genetic material, but they proceed to separate placentas.

No problem in delivery
He also said, ‘Complications other than pregnancy are much more common than normal procedures. Two children develop health problems and so far no health is usually seen thus the case fails. A child is born into a race. Even if the delivery is successful, it will take a few days to know whether the baby has died or not. It was once in a million. I never thought I’d see this in your life. Dr. It is also many times because of multiple reasons why women are not able to get tested under any circumstances. Therefore, reports of heteroparental superfecundation are being kept confidential.

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