Women and boys suffer separate punishment in Pakistan Bars, camped without basal – Pakistan floods, women and girls face problems due to lack of toilets

Women and Girls Amid Pakistan Floods - India TV Hindi News
Image source- AP
Women and Girls in Pakistan’s Floods


  • Bad situation in Pakistan due to floods
  • Women were not for women
  • What is the status of the camps?

Pakistan Floods- The whole world knows about Barad Mochi Atanahi in Pakistan. Many crores of people are people. People in need will not be included in affected areas. More than 1300 people know here. One third of the country has been submerged in water. Here in Sindh, thousands of people are affected by the rising of the Indus River, which flows on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. Which will keep the Hindustans Mebur. Video from a drone shows that agricultural and residential areas in Sindh are completely submerged in water. Just seeing skyscrapers and buildings.

Another tofa here is another problem for women. He cannot leave your house. According to a media report, a local woman named Sakinabi said, ‘There are 200 to 250 people around it. We went to your house early that night. Our house was destroyed along with the things we kept inside. Are there any fus or sleeping children? People from Punjab province are also pitching tents around a small rural railway station. Jagat can also be reached from Sankari Goli.

there is no place

I have read many comments here. Vegetation is getting cold from nearby and the found material is babbling. According to the news agency AFP, the woman named Zebunisa Bibi said, ‘It is not a place to tell Nao News’. Jebunisa has flooded her house two weeks ago because the family is here to camp here. People are also suffering from water borne diseases.

Pakistan is flooded by monster monsoons

Earlier there were reports from Pakistan that the ‘Demon Monsoon’ has been contracted due to Monsoon I floods here. I can see what Barish’s reason has become. Staying in B for two months was to face the heat of March and April in the first country from IA Apda. This heat has accelerated the melting of glaciers in the north of Pakistan and unexpected rains have occurred in various parts of the country during July and August. Such changes can be seen as a result of climate change due to human-caused climate change. This year’s summer has been a record breaking one for the last few years and South East Sindh has received more than nine times the average rainfall.

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