Work From Home And Office The Hybrid Model Is Here To Stay- Report


Work From Home And Office The Hybrid Model Is Here To Stay- Report

New Delhi-

Hybrid business is here to stay as about 63 percent of companies are currently adopting the flexible model, according to a survey by Colliers India.

Real estate consultant Colliers conducted a survey of office space occupants to understand current and future workplace strategies.

The survey was conducted during the period from May to June 2022 across the different segments of the occupiers and about 300 answers were received from the occupiers. Small-sized (less than 500 employees), medium-sized (501-5000 employees), and large-sized companies (more than 5000 employees) participated in the survey.

“Three days a week in the office appears to be the most common method, furthering business goals and at the same time providing work-life balance to employees,” Colliers India said in its report – Hybrid Work- An Occupant Narrative for 2022.

According to the survey, 26 percent of occupants prefer 3 days a week, 17 percent 4 days a week, 9 percent two days a week, and 11 percent one day a week.

Up to 28 percent of occupants choose 5 days a week, while 9 percent on all days are remote.

“Interestingly, about a third of surveyed occupiers revealed that their productivity increased by 5-10 per cent with hybrid working. Offices are now evolving into hubs for collaboration and innovation, with employee wellbeing at its core,” Colliers India CEO Ramesh Nair said.

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“Hybrid working style needs to be supported by appropriate technological intervention to ensure seamless collaboration and communication,” Nair said. Colliers said that about 38 percent of organizations indicated that they plan to expand their portfolio in the next six to 18 months through traditional and flexible space rentals.

“The majority of companies are implementing hybrid work to varying degrees, 35 percent have confirmed that they would like to keep their existing portfolios, while 13 percent are looking to consolidate their office space,” the advisor said.

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