Department of Justice Finds Issues in Fani Willis’ Office Reports

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently pointed out some problems with how Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis reports federal funding. They asked her to fix these “inconsistencies.”

Earlier this year, there were reports that money from the federal government meant for specific things was used for different stuff by Willis’ office. House Republicans are now looking into this. All this is happening while Willis is busy with a case against former President Donald Trump and others, accusing them of trying to change the 2020 election results in Georgia.

The DOJ confirmed that they found issues with how Willis’ office said they were using the grant money. They’re working with her office to get the right reports.

The Epoch Times asked the DOJ for comments, but there’s been no response yet. Also, Willis hasn’t said anything about the DOJ’s statement.

Jim Jordan, a House Judiciary Chairman, said that a former worker from Fulton County has been talking about these money problems. He mentioned that the DOJ is checking into it.

Earlier, Jordan’s office asked Willis for documents about possible misuse of federal funds related to her case against Trump and others. They claimed the money meant for helping at-risk youths was used for other things like buying laptops and traveling. Willis denied this and said they’d give information bit by bit.

The DOJ’s statement comes as Trump’s lawyers and the others in the case appeal a judge’s decision to let Willis stay on it. There were claims she had a relationship with her special prosecutor. Even though they confirmed the relationship, the judge didn’t find enough proof to say it was a problem. Still, there’s some doubt, and the judge said either Willis or the prosecutor should step down. The prosecutor left, so Willis stays.

This week, Willis’ office asked a court not to consider Trump’s appeal motion. They said there was no error in the decision to let her stay on the case.

Despite all this, Willis said she’s not stopping her work because of the noise around this case. She’s still going ahead with prosecuting Trump and others, who have all said they’re not guilty. Trump thinks this case is just to make him look bad for the next election.

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