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Trump’s Trial: Meet the Jury

In New York, a big event is about to happen: the trial of a former president, Donald Trump. It’s a really important trial because it’s the first time a former president is facing criminal charges. Let’s learn more about the people who will decide if Trump is guilty or not. The jury, made up of … Read more

White House Doesn’t Decide on Transgender Athletes in New School Rules, Focusing on Other Big Issues

This topic has caused a lot of arguments, especially in politics, and it’s splitting opinions on women’s sports. The White House decided not to take a stand on this issue right now, maybe because they didn’t want to risk losing support before the next election. They are already focusing on something else very important: helping … Read more

Where to Eat Out on a Budget with Your Family

Fast FoodFast-food restaurants are known for their quick service and wallet-friendly prices. Here are some popular choices for a family meal: Burgers Chicken Burritos Pizza Sandwiches Casual ChainsIf you prefer a sit-down restaurant experience, consider these options: Tips for Saving MoneyKeep an eye out for coupons, special promotions, and reward programs offered by restaurants. Signing … Read more