Trump’s Trial: Meet the Jury

In New York, a big event is about to happen: the trial of a former president, Donald Trump. It’s a really important trial because it’s the first time a former president is facing criminal charges. Let’s learn more about the people who will decide if Trump is guilty or not.

The jury, made up of regular people from the community, was chosen from a big group of over 500 possible jurors. They come from different backgrounds and have different jobs.

Here’s what we know about the jury:

  • Juror 1: He’s the leader of the jury and works in sales. He watches both MSNBC and Fox News.
  • Juror 2: He’s an investment banker and has a master’s degree. He follows Trump on social media and read a book about him.
  • Juror 3: He’s a lawyer but doesn’t know much about Trump’s case.
  • Juror 4: He works in security and doesn’t use social media.
  • Juror 5: She’s a teacher and doesn’t pay much attention to politics, but she likes that Trump speaks his mind.
  • Juror 6: She’s a software engineer and gets her news from different places like TikTok and The New York Times.
  • Juror 7: He’s a dad and a lawyer but doesn’t have strong feelings about Trump’s legal issues.
  • Juror 8: He’s retired and spends more time on hobbies than worrying about Trump.
  • Juror 9: She’s a speech therapist and watches CNN for news.
  • Juror 10: He works in a store and doesn’t keep up with the news much.
  • Juror 11: She works in fashion and isn’t a fan of Trump.
  • Juror 12: She’s a physical therapist and likes to read news from CNN and other sources.

There are also some extra people called alternates who might join the jury if needed:

  • Alternate 1: She works in finance and reads The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.
  • Alternate 2: She’s from Spain and doesn’t follow the news much.
  • Alternate 3: He works in technology and thinks Trump is being treated fairly.
  • Alternate 4: She’s in finance and doesn’t have strong opinions about Trump.
  • Alternate 5: She works in fashion and reads The New York Times.
  • Alternate 6: She’s in construction and likes listening to true crime stories.

These are the people who will listen to all the evidence and decide what happens in Trump’s trial.

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