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Understanding the Baltimore Bridge Accident Investigation

The FBI, a group that investigates serious crimes, is checking if anyone on the ship knew about problems that could have caused the crash. They’re also looking into whether the crash might have been on purpose.

The NTSB, a safety board, is focusing on figuring out why the crash happened. They’re studying things like if the ship had enough fuel and if it was safe to be at sea. This investigation might take one to two years.

The accident happened when the Dali cargo ship, about as long as three football fields, lost power and hit the bridge. This led to six people dying and others getting hurt. Families of the victims are getting help, including scholarships.

After the crash, there was a big effort to clean up. The Navy showed pictures of the damaged bridge, and officials started removing containers from the ship. Some containers had hazardous stuff, but it didn’t harm the environment.

Now, engineers are working to open the shipping channel again, but it might take some time. The government is paying to fix the bridge, and they’ll figure out who’s responsible later.

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