Man Wanted for Jan. 6 Capitol Incident Gives Himself Up to New Jersey Police

A person involved in the Jan. 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol has turned himself in to police in New Jersey. This happened on Friday, just two days after he ran away when FBI agents went to his house to arrest him.

His name is Gregory Yetman, and he’s 47 years old. He surrendered in Monroe Township, which is close to where he lives in Helmetta, a small town in central New Jersey. It’s about 43 miles south of New York City. We don’t know all the details about how he turned himself in, like if he had a lawyer with him.

He’s facing several charges, according to the FBI. These include hurting certain officers, getting in the way of law enforcement during a riot, going into a restricted area and staying there, and being violent in the Capitol building. Yetman used to be a military police sergeant in the New Jersey National Guard, as reported by USA Today. They say the FBI talked to him about what happened at the riot and that he’s accused of using pepper spray on protesters and police officers.

Yetman told the newspaper that he didn’t do anything wrong at the Capitol and that he didn’t use pepper spray on anyone.

Since the Capitol incident, about 1,200 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the riot. Many of them have already admitted they did something wrong or have been found guilty by a judge or jury. Over 700 of them have been punished, with some going to prison for different lengths of time, from just a few days to 22 years.

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