Rockies Face Tough Loss to Rays: Series Recap

Here’s a look back at the series and the key moments that contributed to their ongoing challenges.

The Standout Moment:
Ryan McMahon, a consistent hitter for the Rockies in 2024, delivered a memorable performance during Friday’s home opener. With the bases loaded and one out, McMahon smashed a walk-off grand slam, sending the ball deep into the right-field seats. It was a special victory, celebrated with a Gatorade bath, showcasing McMahon’s impact in his eighth major league season.

Key Takeaways:
The Rockies are facing significant challenges reminiscent of their worst season in 2023. They have struggled to score first in sixteen consecutive games, a streak not seen since the 1989 San Francisco Giants. Manager Bud Black acknowledged the team’s difficulties in securing crucial hits but remains optimistic about their potential turnaround.

In both Saturday’s and Sunday’s games, the Rockies missed opportunities to extend their lead, resulting in losses. Despite solid pitching performances from Ryan Feltner and Dakota Hudson, the bullpen’s inconsistency proved detrimental. Relief pitchers struggled, leading to a high earned run average (ERA) and wasted quality starts from Feltner and Hudson.

What Went Right:
Pitchers Ryan Feltner and Dakota Hudson showcased strong performances, providing quality starts despite the team’s losses. Feltner’s simplified approach and Hudson’s solid outing demonstrated potential for improvement. However, their efforts were not adequately supported by the team’s offense or bullpen.

What Went Wrong:
The bullpen struggled significantly, with several relievers allowing multiple runs in short appearances. Closer Justin Lawrence faced particular challenges, contributing to the team’s high ERA for relief pitchers. These bullpen issues have been consistent throughout the team’s challenging start to the season, undermining otherwise promising performances by the starting pitchers.

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