Title: Exciting News: UAE’s Longest Suspended Infinity Pool!

Dubai has done it again with a super cool new attraction! The One Za’abeel twin skyscrapers have something special – the world’s longest cantilever building. But what’s even cooler? On this amazing structure, they’ve put up the longest suspended infinity pool in the United Arab Emirates, and it’s a whopping 120 meters (393 feet) long!

Now, let me explain what’s so unique about this. Imagine a diving board that sticks out, but it’s way, way bigger and doesn’t have any supports holding it up on one side. That’s what they call a cantilever, and this one at One Za’abeel stretches out 67.5 meters (221 feet) over the city. It’s like swimming in the sky!

The Link, as they call it, is not just a fancy walkway. It’s a smart solution to connect the two towers because there’s a big road in between them. So, they built a cool shopping mall underneath the road and this awesome Link above it.

Now, picture this: a giant glass walkway floating in the air! It’s not just for walking; it’s also for fun. There are three stories filled with cool stuff for the people staying at the hotel or living there.

One guy who works there says, “It’s like being in a big city, but in the sky! You can eat at different restaurants and chill by the pool.” Speaking of food, they’ve got a restaurant called Tapasake that serves yummy Japanese-Peruvian dishes. And guess what? There’s a pool club too, where you can swim and relax with a view of the whole city.

Now, here’s the best part: the infinity pool! It’s not your usual pool because it feels like you’re swimming in the clouds. It’s got fancy stuff like underwater speakers, and it’s open to everyone, even tourists! But you need to get a special pass.

Dubai loves setting records, and this is just one of many cool pools they have. But this one is extra special because of its amazing views and unique design. So next time you’re in Dubai, don’t forget to check it out!

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