U.S. Thinking About Making Travel to China Safer for Americans

The United States is thinking about making it less scary for Americans to travel to China. This news comes from Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, who said this on Tuesday. He mentioned that the current warnings might be stopping Americans and Chinese people from spending time together.

Campbell talked about how things were getting better between the U.S. and China after some tough times. He spoke at an event by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, a group that helps both countries understand each other.

But Campbell also said that China’s support for Russia’s war in Ukraine could make things bad again between the U.S. and China.

The U.S. State Department sometimes tells Americans to be careful when going to China. They warn about things like sudden changes in local laws and unfair arrests. But leaders of both countries want people from each side to visit each other more. They think it could help them get along better, especially when they’re competing on big world issues.

Campbell said they’re thinking about changing these travel warnings. He agreed that these warnings might have stopped students and others from going to China.

China also tells its people to be careful when visiting the U.S. They say American officials sometimes bother Chinese visitors at the airports. But despite these warnings, many Chinese students study in the U.S., while only a few Americans go to China.

But Campbell also talked tough about China’s help to Russia during the war in Ukraine. He said the U.S. has warned China that supporting Russia could harm their relationship. If Russia wins more land in Ukraine, it could upset the balance of power in Europe, and the U.S. doesn’t want that.

Campbell also mentioned something worrying. He said lots of Chinese people are moving to the U.S. because of economic problems in China. He said this is becoming a big problem, and China doesn’t seem to be doing much to stop it.

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