A guy who owns a Cybertruck had a scary experience when his gas pedal got stuck while he was driving. This made a big deal, and now the people who make the Cybertruck are looking into it.

The guy, named Jose Martinez, was driving his new Cybertruck in California when it suddenly started speeding up by itself. He tried to stop it by pressing the brake, but it didn’t work. He found out that a piece of rubber from the gas pedal had come loose and was holding it down. He’d only had the truck for six days!

Martinez made a video showing what happened, and lots of people saw it. Some Cybertruck deliveries got delayed because of this issue, and Tesla, the company that makes the Cybertruck, is figuring out what to do.

Even though Martinez had this scary experience, he still thinks the Cybertruck is a good car overall. He drove it a long way before this happened and liked it. But he thinks Tesla needs to make sure it’s safe for everyone.

The people who keep track of car safety are talking to Tesla about this. Tesla had another problem before with the screens in their cars, but they fixed that. And in the past, some people got hurt because the Cybertruck has sharp edges.

Martinez isn’t the only one who had a problem with the Cybertruck. Someone else crashed into a pole because of a problem with the gas pedal and brake. But not everyone believes these stories are true.

The Cybertruck is a big deal because it’s tough and fast. But it’s also gotten attention because it’s had some problems. Even though some people are still excited about it, others are more cautious.

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