Coachella’s first weekend just ended, but people are still talking about everything that happened there, especially on social media.

One big moment was when No Doubt, with Gwen Stefani, got back together after almost nine years. They rocked the stage with old favorites, and fans went wild. Singer Olivia Rodrigo even surprised everyone by joining them onstage during one song. Meanwhile, Blur, led by Damon Albarn, didn’t get quite the same excitement from the crowd.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, a football player, were spotted enjoying other artists’ performances in the audience. Instead of being on stage or on the field, they were just having fun like regular fans.

Grimes had some technical problems during her set, which frustrated her a lot. She promised to make her next performance perfect. Kesha also made a surprise appearance, changing some lyrics to her song to make a statement.

And of course, Coachella was packed with influencers. Alix Earle, a big name on TikTok, stayed in a special house sponsored by a soda brand called Poppi. She shared lots of posts about her Coachella experience, and they got tons of views.

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