Arizona’s Old Law Limits Abortions: What You Need to Know

This law has been around since before Arizona was even a state. It was written down in 1901 but goes back even further to 1864. If someone breaks this law by providing an abortion, they could go to prison for two to five years. Arizona now joins states like Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi with very strict abortion laws.

The Supreme Court of Arizona is giving some time before enforcing this law completely. They’re giving 14 days for people who disagree with the decision to challenge it in a lower court. They want to see if this law is fair and follows the rules of the constitution.

Arizona’s Attorney General, Kris Mayes, promises not to punish any women or doctors for having or performing abortions while she’s in charge. She thinks this old law shouldn’t be brought back. She’s trying to find ways to stop it from being enforced.

But not everyone agrees. Some people say bringing back this old law is a step backward. They think it’s wrong to follow rules from a time when things were very different. They’re worried it will make things hard for women who need abortions for various reasons, like health issues or if they were assaulted.

One senator, Eva Burch, shared her story about needing an abortion and how important it was for her health. She’s worried about what this decision means for other women like her.

Doctors who provide abortions are also concerned. They think this decision will make it harder for them to help their patients. They worry about facing legal trouble for doing their job and helping people in need.

The fight over abortion rights isn’t over in Arizona. People are planning to vote on it in November 2024. They want to make sure everyone’s voices are heard and that women can still access the healthcare they need.

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