Roger, the Friendly Dog Who Became a Hero in Taiwan’s Earthquake Response

When a big earthquake hit Taiwan last week, rescue teams needed help finding people who were trapped. That’s where dogs like Roger come in. They have an incredible sense of smell and can find people buried under rubble.

Roger, who is 8 years old, joined the team to help after the earthquake. He and his human partners went to a place called Taroko National Park to search for a missing person. Thanks to Roger’s keen nose, they found the body of a young woman who had been missing.

What makes Roger extra special is his backstory. He was supposed to be a police dog trained to sniff out drugs. But Roger was just too excited and easily distracted. He loved having fun and being around people too much to focus on his training.

However, Roger’s energy and cleverness made him perfect for a different job: being a rescue dog. This means he helps find people in emergencies like earthquakes or avalanches.

During an interview, Roger couldn’t contain his excitement and jumped at a reporter’s microphone, wagging his tail happily. His handler, Chen Chih-san, explained that while Roger wasn’t the right fit for sniffing out drugs, his lively nature was exactly what they needed for rescue work.

Roger has been involved in many rescue missions, including another earthquake back in 2018. He’s been recognized for his skills by getting certified as an official rescue dog.

But as Roger gets older, retirement is on the horizon. When rescue dogs like him reach 9 years old, they usually retire and find new homes where they can relax and enjoy their golden years.

Roger has become a symbol of bravery and hope in Taiwan. People are grateful for him and other rescue dogs who work tirelessly to save lives during tough times like earthquakes.

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