Bob Jackson, Famous Photographer, Celebrates 90th Birthday!

Bob Jackson worked at The Gazette until he stopped in 1999.

When Bob Jackson told his parents he wanted to be a photographer, they hoped he’d pick a job in business instead. They thought taking pictures was just a fun hobby. But Bob turned his hobby into a job!

Back when Bob was just 29, he was a photographer for the Dallas Times Herald. He was taking pictures in a car parade when President Kennedy was shot. Even though he missed that shot, two days later, he got another chance. He was at a police station taking pictures of a man named Oswald, who they thought shot President Kennedy. Suddenly, someone shot Oswald right in front of Bob’s camera! Bob took a picture at just the right moment, and it became really famous.

Now, Bob is 90, and his family and friends threw him a big surprise party at the Black Bear Distillery. Lots of people showed up to celebrate with Bob, who’s known as a Pulitzer Prize winner for his special photo. But to his family, he’s just Bob or Daddy.

Bob lives in Manitou Springs and worked for The Gazette until he retired in 1999. He loves living in Colorado and says it’s a great place for kids.

His son, Bobby, works at the Black Bear Distillery and says his dad doesn’t talk a lot about the famous photo, but all six of his kids have a copy of it.

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